What Does Warren Buffett See In His 8 New Positions (Q1 2022)? @ycharts

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According to his latest 13F for Q1 2022, Warren Buffett added 8 new positions. This week we look at how these new positions have performed over the last 12 months.

ALLY ALLY FINL INC $389,990 0.10% 8,969,420
C CITIGROUP INC $2,945,319 0.80% 55,155,797
CE CELANESE CORP DEL $1,125,958 0.30% 7,880,998
HPQ HP INC $3,792,480 1.00% 104,476,035
MCK MCKESSON CORP $894,504 0.20% 2,921,975
MKL MARKEL CORP $620,034 0.20% 420,293
OXY OCCIDENTAL PETE CORP $7,737,804 2.10% 136,373,000
VIAC (PARA) PARAMOUNT GLOBAL $2,606,915 0.70% 68,947,760

Last 12 months performance:

ALLY Chart

ALLY data by YCharts

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