Josh Wolfe: Investors Should Be Wary Of False Optimism

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In his latest discussion with Danny Crichton on the Securities Podcast, Josh Wolfe discusses the difference between complacent optimism and conditional optimism, as it relates to company executives and entrepreneurs who like to sell optimism to the public. Here’s an excerpt from the discussion:

Wolfe: There really are two kinds. You have complacent optimism and you have conditional optimism. A complacent optimist is somebody that just expects, that they almost feel the sense of entitlement, it will happen, it’ll be fine, you know, we’ll come up with a cure, and that’s the equivalent of a kid on Christmas Eve, sitting around and waiting to collect their presents, they know it’s coming. They don’t have to lift a finger. There’s no energy requirement. Just sit back and have faith.

I, not being particularly religious person at all do not have much faith. I don’t have faith in my fellow man. I don’t have faith… as the famous rapper Mos Def tomorrow may never come. I just don’t know, right?

Conditional optimism says, okay. There is a better path. There is a better way, but for me to go from here to there, I have to do something. I have to persuade people, hopefully honestly, and induce them to join my mission. And that has been the case for anybody, whether they were an early religious leader, a captain of industry, somebody leading a charge of young men or women in the battlefield, whatever it is – conditional optimism always trumps complacent optimism.

You can listen to the entire discussion here:

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