Howard Marks: U.S Onshoring Investment Opportunities

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In his latest interview on the Wharton School Podcast, Howard Marks discussed U.S investment opportunities if the trend moves from globalization to dependable onshoring, as he believes it will. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Marks: I think that if people want to create their own raw materials, or intermediate goods, let’s say components in the U.S rather than buy them from Asia they’ll have to build factories.

So they need land, they need construction, they need equipment. If they do that then they say we need power and we would like the power to be renewable and we need a community to grow up around this new factory, if it’s a big one… greenfield.

And so we need somebody to develop residential and shopping centers and all that so you can imagine that if this is done on a large scale, as I imagine it will in certain areas.

Semiconductors are a great example, because semiconductors are essential and everything we do that’s electronic, computers and certainly every… even national security is highly dependent on our ability to create our own semiconductors.

So if that comes back to the U.S in large scale that’s going to involve a very large expenditure as I believe it will.

You can watch the entire interview here:

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