Rob Vinall: The Most Important Factor In Investing

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In this interview with Good Investing, Rob Vinall discusses the most important factor in investing. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

But what I realized over time was that although I do my best to be a diligent analyst, a lot of the stuff you don’t really see from the outside in a company. And what I kind of realized was where the companies where being run by people I liked and trust.

I found the stuff I didn’t see was generally positive. And in the companies where it was being run by people who I didn’t trust or I thought weren’t particularly good people, a lot of the surprises were negative.

So I kind of drew the conclusion from that although it’s important to be a diligent and thorough analyst; by far the most important aspect of an investment to get right is trusting the people who are running the company, so that’s by far the most important factor that I look for when I’m analysing a company as a potential investment.

You can watch the entire interview here:

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