John Templeton: 3 Things I Do That Distinguishes Me From Fisher And Buffett

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Templeton and Phillips Capital Management, LLC recently released some rare videos of John Templeton on YouTube which were previously only available on VHS. In this interview with Money World, John Templeton discusses the three things he does that distinguishes him from Philip Fisher and Warren Buffett. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Host: Academicians have a theory that no one can beat the market consistently. That the markets are efficient. That every… all the news is already in the price and yet there are a handful of great investors who have single-handedly disproved that theory by consistently beating the market over a period of many years and you’re one of them, how would you distinguish yourself say from Philip Fisher or Warren Buffett?

Templeton: Probably in the fact that I look worldwide more than the others do and search in a wider variety of areas. Probably because I’m willing to make estimates of earning power further into the future than others are, and certainly because I rely on prayer in everything we do.

We open all of our directors meetings with prayer. We pray about every decision we make, and in the long run that means you will still make hundreds of mistakes but less mistakes than otherwise.

You can watch the entire interview here:

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