Longleaf Partners: Value’s Recent Pullback Is A Temporary Blip

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In their latest Q2 2021 Market Commentary, Longleaf Partners believe that the recent pullback in value’s performance over the last month is a temporary blip. Here’s an excerpt from the commentary:

Our outlook on the stock market and our portfolio is not dramatically different than it was the last time we wrote to you. Our confidence in the specific company opportunities in our portfolio has only grown, as our businesses made solid progress in the quarter, and we believe the Fund is more attractively positioned – qualitatively and quantitatively – than both the market and the average “value” strategy.

We believe the recent pullback in value’s performance of the last month or so is a temporary blip, and that the strong performance that began in the second half of 2020 marks a longer-term reversion to the mean for value vs. growth.

We wrote in our 4Q20 letter about the work we have done to formalize the way we incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues within our firm and our investment process in the last several years. We are excited to share our first Annual ESG Report, which highlights some of the progress we have made and the work we are doing to keep improving in this area. In addition to our annual ESG report, we will be sharing a semi-annual portfolio carbon footprint report going forward and will continue to discuss our engagement efforts with our management partners on these important issues in our quarterly letters and the Price-to-Value Podcast.

You can download the entire Q2 2021 market commentary here:

Longleaf Partners: Q2 2021 Market Commentary

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