Joel Greenblatt On Meeting Warren Buffett

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In this interview on The Knowledge Project Podcast, Joel Greenblatt discusses what is was like to meet his idol Warren Buffett. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

I don’t know if he was the wealthiest guy in the world at that time, or top three, or whatever, he might have been.

I can’t think of anyone who’s ever been more gracious with me, not even in that position. I’m saying anyone who has been more gracious with me and the students and really the desire to teach them by example and also explaining… really taking a real joy and sharing his wisdom.

And then just on a personal level, knowing it was like one of the biggest days of my life, my chance to meet Warren Buffett. Someone I’ve idolized in so many ways and tried to emulate both personally and professionally and I can’t remember anyone being as gracious with me no matter who it was in what position.

So I don’t know what the lesson in there is in general but if you can be that successful and be that gracious with people really who have probably nothing to bring to the table for you other than you want to share the opportunity I guess he has to share with others. Obviously he finds that deeply meaningful. So I guess he gets paid back that way. It’s a way to feel good about it.

It was just a lesson to me that there’s no excuse for not trying to be gracious with everyone.

You can watch the entire discussion here:

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