Guy Spier: Munger Sees What Others Cannot

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In his latest interview on the What Got You There Podcast, Guy Spier explains why he would like to sit down with Charlie Munger. Here’s an excerpt from the interview

Spier: I would love to sit down with Charlie Munger. I think that he’s got an extraordinary mind. At the time that Bill Ackman was investing in Valeant and he was talking about Valeant being this extraordinary company, and it turned out to be kind of a fraud.

Charlie Munger was very clear that he thought very little of the company, and I want to say, how did he do that?

Because he was accessing the same materials that Bill Ackman was accessing, but he saw something that  Bill Ackman did not see. And  Bill Ackman is no dummy.

I think that if I could get to spend time with Charlie Munger I would learn an enormous amount from him in that regard.

You can watch the entire podcast here:

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