Michael Burry’s 4 Book Recommendations For Value Investors

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Back in 1997 on the Silicon Investor Message Board, Michael Burry provided four book recommendations for value investors. Here’s an excerpt from the thread:

Rather than explain the concepts of value investing and stock investing in general here, may I suggest you find a decent book on the subject? Most of us have read quite a few. I have some book reviews at www.sealpoint.com, but those are my opinion only. My bias is value investing, and I highly recommend Janet Lowe’s Value Investing Made Easy as a primer.

I’d follow that book with Why Stocks Go Up and Down by William Pike. Other books have been discussed here i.e. Super Stocks by Ken Fisher, etc.

You can get any of these — even obscure ones –from www.amazon.com very easily and cheaply. When you think you’ve got it all figured out, try Sense and Nonsense in Corporate Finance.

Good luck!


You can read the original thread here:

MIke Burry – Silicon Investor Message Board

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