Jeff Auxier: Warren Buffett Told Me To Get Far Away From Wall Street And Move To A Farm

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Here’s a great interview with Jeff Auxier on Value Investing Live, in which he discusses a conversation he had with Warren Buffett, who recommended that he get as far away from Wall Street and move on to a farm in order to have independence of thought. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Auxier: His philosophy has saved so many. In Berkshire you can just see. Having the independence of thought. You know it’s funny cause I was asking him… I was trying to go to Columbia to get an MBA, and he said no, he literally said, “do not get that. Get as far away from Wall Street”. He said, “You’re better off to move on to a farm”. So that’s actually what I did.

The thing is, you have to think for yourself. I also asked him about… he kept talking about accounting, what’s the best thing, he thought getting accounting was more important, or as equally important as an MBA, he said, “accounting was the language of business”.

You can watch the entire interview here:

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