Boyar’s Forgotten Forty Report 2020

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Each year, Boyar Research publishes their Forgotten Forty Report featuring the forty stocks that they believe have the greatest potential for capital appreciation in the year ahead due to a catalyst they see on the horizon.

To give you an example, Boyar have provided our readers with sample reports from last year’s Forgotten Forty:

Here’s an example of last year’s summary on eBay

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What Is The Forgotten Forty

Every stock profiled in The Forgotten Forty has a one page write-up highlighting Boyar’s investment thesis (including the company’s valuation and potential catalysts for value realization). While the Forgotten Forty contains one page reports on each stock, readers should be comforted to know that Boyar Research has previously published a full-blown research report on every company featured.

Every December, for over two decades, Boyar Research publishes The Forgotten Forty, which features one page reports on the forty companies that we believe have the greatest potential to outperform the leading indices in the year ahead due to a catalyst that we see on the horizon. All companies featured in The Forgotten Forty have been previously analyzed in full length research reports in our flagship subscription research publication Asset Analysis Focus.

Potential Catalysts Could Include:

  • The potential initiation of either a dividend or meaningful stock repurchase program reflecting a company’s strong balance sheet with excess cash or meaningful financial capacity (e.g. low leverage levels).
  • The potential for a company to announce/pursue a separation or spin off, which we believe makes economic sense and would help surface shareholder value.
  • Management changes, acquisitions, macro themes (e.g. demographics, housing recovery, etc.) and prospects for improved operating performance due to business investments or changing industry/competitive dynamics.

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