50 Of The Best Investing Podcasts On The Planet (2020)

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Starting this year Tobias and I will sit down to pick out fifty of the best investing podcasts on the planet. This list is by no means complete and is certainly not in any particular order. If you’re an investor take some time to have a listen to the great podcasts on this list, they’ll provide you with an awesome starting point for your investing education.

If you think we’ve missed a great investing podcast, stick it in the comments section below.

Here’s 50 of the best investing podcasts on the planet for 2020, plus a few more:

In no particular order:

  1. The Acquirer’s Podcast/Value After Hours
  2. We Study Billionaires
  3. Animal Spirits
  4. The Compound
  5. Meb Faber
  6. Flirting With Models
  7. Invest Like The Best
  8. EconTalk
  9. Wealth Track
  10. The Knowledge Project
  11. Equity Mates
  12. Excess Returns
  13. Infinite Loops
  14. Odd Lots
  15. Aussie Firebug
  16. Focused Compounding
  17. What Works On Wall Street
  18. Moneyline
  19. 5 Good Questions
  20. Planet MicroCap
  21. Behind The Markets
  22. Macro Voices
  23. Grant’s Current Yield
  24. The Money Cafe
  25. Capital Allocators
  26. The Value Guys
  27. Value Hive
  28. Trend Following
  29. Masters In Business
  30. Stansberry Investor Hour
  31. My Millennial Money
  32. InvestTalk
  33. Top Traders Unplugged
  34. InvestED
  35. Millennial Investing
  36. Coffee With The Greats
  37. The Richards Report
  38. The Sherman Show
  39. Value Investing With Legends
  40. Shares For Beginners
  41. Standard Deviations
  42. Palisade Radio
  43. Hidden Forces
  44. Safal Niveshak
  45. This Week In Intelligent Investing
  46. Australian Investors Podcast
  47. Lindzanity
  48. The Artful Trader
  49. The Market Huddle
  50. Masters of the Market
  51. Value Investing In Your Car
  52. DIY Investing
  53. Cautionary Tales
  54. Marcus Today
  55. Conversations With Tyler
  56. Talk Ya Book
  57. Resolve Riffs
  58. Going Deep
  59. The Long View
  60. Value Talks
  61. Money For The Rest Of Us
  62. Business Wars
  63. Take 15
  64. Full Disclosure
  65. Intelligent Investing
  66. Rational Reminder
  67. Barron’s Advisor
  68. Mad Money With Jim Cramer
  69. Your Wealth
  70. Intellectual Investor
  71. Against The Rules
  72. Grant Williams
  73. Sound Investing
  74. Know Your Risk Radio
  75. Contrarian Investor
  76. The World According To Boyar
  77. Motley Fool Money
  78. Bogleheads
  79. Investing Insights
  80. Investment Uncut
  81. Devils And Details
  82. Value Investor
  83. David Rubenstein
  84. What Goes Up
  85. The Twenty Minute VC

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9 Comments on “50 Of The Best Investing Podcasts On The Planet (2020)”

  1. I think investtalk with thefantastic Q&A segment is treat for novice investors and to get rudimentary advise for stocks.
    They have exceeded 2m downloads i think.

  2. Great list. Chris Judd has a couple of good podcasts (‘Masters of the Market’ and ‘Talk Ya Book’), they are worth a listen. Also, ‘Marcus Today’ (Marcus Padley) and ‘Medical Money’ Podcast. ‘Money for the Rest of Us’ (David Stein) , ‘Value Hive Podcast’ and ‘Coffee with The Greats’ (check out the one with Jamie Dimon). Cheers

  3. If you include ‘options’, I think optionalpha is one of the best for beginners as well as intermediates.

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