Value Investing In Lego

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During his recent interview with Tobias, Nate Tobik, founder of CompleteBankData and author of The Bank Investor’s Handbook discussed Value Investing In Lego. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Nate: Yes. But the thing is, it actually works out better not knowing those details. I always think about it in real-world terms. So, I like to buy and sell random stuff on eBay just because you could buy it cheap and then you could sell it for two or three times the amount. That’s the same as like the net-nets. So, I need to know that the product isn’t broken when I buy it. If it’s not broken, then I just need to repackage it and put nicer print around it and a good description, and I could sell it for a multiple of what I bought it for. But you need to know the market and know that that this stuff is possible.

We’re doing this with– I was buying like computer equipment for a while off of government liquidation sites and then I would resell it. My youngest brother has this Lego Village, I guess you could say, and my boys like Legos, and so they were like, “Oh, we should buy these Legos.” So, we’re buying those off of a different auction site.

You could buy like a Lego car, that’s like 95% complete. And then, there was this other site that my brother told me about where you could buy the individual little pieces. So, I would go on there and make like a $3 order for– the pieces are three cents or six cents. So, I’d buy all these little missing pieces, and then put the whole thing together, and then I sell it for 10 times what I paid. We kept doing that.

And then, I turned to a buddy of mine who lives down the street. I told him about this. I’d say he’s made almost $10,000 doing this with these Lego things. So, he’s like scavenging these pictures for a half-broken Star Wars ship or something. And then, he’s like, the kids are getting all the extra parts and then you sell it.

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