Value After Hours Podcast Was The Inspiration Behind The New MOI Podcast Featuring Bloomstran, Ordway, And Turner

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MOI recently released its yet to be named podcast hosted by John Mihaljevic and featuring Chris Bloomstran, Phil Ordway, and Elliot Turner. Turns out the inspiration for this new podcast was the Value After Hours Podcast featuring our very own Tobias Carlisle, Bill Brewster, and Jake Taylor. Here’s an excerpt from the podcast which includes the acknowledgement to our team:

John: Well it’s a great pleasure to welcome everyone to this new podcast. I have three terrific guys, three terrific investors with me here, and I’ll just introduce them very briefly but then we’re actually going to have a round of introductions where they’ll talk a little bit about their path in investing as well.

We have Elliot Turner of RGA Investment Advisors, based in Stamford, CT. Chris Bloomstran of Semper Augustus, in St. Louis, MO, and Phil Ordway of Anabatic Investment Partners, in Chicago, IL. And I’ll just say at the outset we don’t have a name for this podcast yet so this is really fresh.

A lot of things about it are still to be determined but I thought that having this kind of a forum, where the four of us, and select other regular guests, and other participants can share their thoughts and insights both into timely topics, as well as timeless issues related to intelligent investing could be valuable to everyone listening.

I’ll acknowledge very happily that as inspiration for me and kind of where the idea partly came from is the terrific podcast that Tobias Carlisle, Bill Brewster, and Jake Taylor do on a weekly basis called – Value After Hours. I’d highly recommend that. So this notion of not just doing one-on-one interviews but actually having three or four folks participating and sharing in a little bit more of a discussion I think works really well in a podcast setting.

Good luck on the new podcast!

You can listen to the entire podcast here:

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