This Week’s Best Investing Articles, Research, Podcasts 7/31/2020

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Here’s a list of this week’s best investing reads:

The Grifters, chapter 1 – Kodak (Epsilon Theory)

The Four Quadrants of Conformism (Paul Graham)

Sad State (Reformed Broker)

The Ugly Scramble (Collaborative Fund)

Seth Klarman Says Fed Is Infantilizing Investors in ‘Surreal’ Market (Bloomberg)

Corp Governance “Dark Arts”: Part 5 (Non-GAAP)

Stranger Things (Verdad)

Financial Contraptions (Jamie Catherwood)

A (Long) Chat with Peter L. Bernstein (Jason Zweig)

Everyone’s a Day Trader Now (WSJ)

Why Everyone’s Trading (The Irrelevant Investor)

Wirecard: the timeline (FT)

Billionaire Cliff Asness says that going through value-investing hell has only made him more confident (Business Insider)

Patience is Virtue No One Has Time For Anymore (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Thinking For Oneself (Farnam Street)

Is valuing SaaS stocks a special form of the Petersburg Paradox? (Mostly Borrowed Ideas)

Berkshire Hathaway’s Great Transformation (Rational Walk)

Bridgewater Faces Losses And A Lawsuit (Economist)

Fire & Fawning (Scott Galloway)

A Viral Market Update XII: The Resilience of Private Risk Capital (Aswath Damodaran)

Bridgewater Talk on Global Outlook: Is Stagflation Next? (Validea)

Rob Arnott’s Advice on Bubbles: Separate Plausible From Possible (Bloomberg)

Enjoy The Gold Fireworks Show While It Lasts (Felder Report)

You Don’t Need Alpha (Of Dollars and Data)

Peter Kaufman – An Unsung Hero (The Rabbit Hole)

The “Indexing Will Kill Us” Crowd (Macro Tourist)

The Risk of No Baggage in a Bull Market (Novel Investor)

Looking for Love, Sex, and a Good Investment During the Pandemic (Whitney Tilson)

Where is This Market Headed Next (Zen Investor)

An Inconvenient Fact: Private Equity Returns & The Billionaire Factory (papers.ssrn)

Is This An L Shaped Recovery? (UPFINA)

Just Another Day (Humble Dollar)

Stock Picker’s Market (Saber Capital)

Fundamentals Vs Expectations (Safal Niveshak)

Beware the Ebb Tide (Frank Martin)

FAANG Goes To Congress (Without Netflix)…Should You Sell or Even Care? Maybe Just Buy More Gold…. (Howard Lindzon)

Market timers are fooling themselves (EB Investor)

Do the U.S.’s Big Four Tech Companies Have a Vision for the Future? (HBR)

Running on Faith: Are Stocks Discounting Too Powerful an Earnings Recovery? (Schwab)

SPAC Man Begins (Alex Danco)

The Ultimate Scarcity Asset (GMM)

Stocks Ride The Buy-Cycle (Dana Lyons)

Dividends are a fact, share prices are an opinion (DGI)

The Shortest Recession in History? (Compound Advisors)

Debt and Inflation Fears: Investing’s Obsolete Dogmas? (CFA Institute)

The Trillion-Dollar Question: Will the Corporate Borrowing Binge Cause Lasting Damage? (Advisor Perspectives)

My Favorite Ponzi Scheme… (Adventures In Capitalism)

The Grapes of Wrath (Barel Karsan)

This week’s best value investing reads:

Value Investing Looks Poised to Make a Return (MOI Global)

Is Systematic Value Dead??? (Alpha Architect)

A Significant Market Shift To Value Stocks Is Bound To Happen (Seeking Alpha)

Value investing not dead, says Perpetual boss Rob Adams (AFR)

This week’s best investing research reads:

Relative Skewness: A New Risk Factor? (Alpha Architect)

S&P 500 Equity Long/Short Performance at New Highs (PAL)

Market inefficiency, liquidity flywheels, asset class arbitrage, and Hong Kong Land (LT3000)

So, you want a Risk Parity investment? (RCM Alternatives)

G-Score ROA 5-Year Variance Backtest Part 3 (Fat Pitch)

Taiwan is now Arrakis (Factor Research)

Overlapping momentum strategies – Gains from diversification of timeframe models (DSGMV)

Is This One For Real? (AVC)

Growth+Sales: The New Era of Enterprise Go-to-Market (Andreessen Horowitz)

What’s the Difference Between Momentum and Trend Following? (All About Alpha)

This week’s best investing podcasts:

How They’re Really Making Money On Your Free Robinhood Trades (Odd Lots)

TIP307: Cullen Roche on Stocks, Inflation, & COVID-19 (TIP)

Ep 236. Surviving Once a Decade Disasters: The Cost of Companies Not Keeping Enough Cash on Hand (Focused Compounding)

The Golden Age of Fraud (Animal Spirits)

Kat Cole – How to Operate: Lessons in Brand, Distribution, and Leadership (Invest Like the Best)

The Danger of Learning From Your Mistakes (Excess Returns)

S3E13 – Cliff Asness (Flirting With Models)

#79: Bill Ackman IPOs $4 Billion Blank Check Company as SPACs Boom (Absolute Return)

Episode #241: Doug Ramsey, The Leuthold Group “By Our Interpretation, We’re There, I Do Think It’s Time To Be Rotating Away From Large Cap Growth” (Meb Faber)

The Biggest Earnings Day Ever: What Are Your Thoughts? (The Compound)

Price, behavior and fundamentals: Where the rubber meets the road. (Grant’s)

Ben Inker: ‘The Portfolio We’re Running Today Is Abnormal Even for Us’ (Long View)

This week’s best investing graphics:

Animated Map: What America Searched for on Google, Over the Last Decade (Visual Capitalist)

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