Ken Fisher: The Reason Warren Buffett’s Been Inactive Is Due To His Age

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In a recent interview with CNBC-TV18 famed investor Ken Fisher discussed his thoughts on Warren Buffett’s inactivity during the COVID crisis based on his own experience with his father Philip Fisher saying:

Because of my father, when I was young I got to meet some great investors.

The reality of great investors, in my opinion, including my father and other people is that when they get to a certain age they lose their edge. I’m not suggesting Mr Buffett’s lost his edge but I can’t find a history of people his age that don’t become relatively static in a crisis. They just tend to be inactive in a crisis. It’s part of being post octogenarian.

With a lot of them it’s actually when you’re an octogenarian. But my sense of Mr Buffett is that’s what’s happening to him. He’s moved into a relatively inactive phase tied to his age. Now could I be wrong about that? Yeah, but again I don’t worry a lot about what anybody does. It’s what I do that I worry about.

You can watch the entire interview here:

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