This Week’s Best Investing Articles, Research, Podcasts 1/31/2020

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Here’s a list of this week’s best investing reads:

Being A Noob (Paul Graham)

Why Market Timing Can Be So Appealing (Of Dollars and Data)

2020 Predictions (Scott Galloway)

What the 2020s Will Look Like For the Markets (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Are We Witnessing Another Corporate Earnings Bubble? (Felder Report)

Incumbency (The Reformed Broker)

Different Kinds of Easy (Collaborative Fund)

The Inner Game: Why Trying Too Hard Can Be Counterproductive (Farnam Street)

Lee Enterprises to Buy Berkshire Hathaway Newspaper Operations; Berkshire Hathaway to Finance All Debt (globenewswire)

Aaand It’s Gone (The Irrelevant Investor)

Why Invest? A 22-Year-Old’s Tough Questions About Capitalism (Jason Zweig)

Peter Kaufman: Six ways to break the investment code (Ivey)

Chuck Akre Lives Inside My Head (Bill Brewster)

Q&A with Ben Carlson author of “Don’t Fall For It: A Short History of Financial Scams” (AR)

21 Lessons in 2019 (Musing Zebra)

2020 Capital Market Assumptions for Major Asset Classes (Cliff Asness)

Tech in 2020: Standing on the shoulders of giants (Benedict Evans)

Jim Simons’ Guiding Principles for a Successful Organization (DSGMV)

An Ode to Luck: Revisiting Tesla in January 2020 (Aswath Damodaran)

Alphabet hits $1 trillion market cap; Doug Kass on Berkshire Hathaway’s investment in Apple; My experience with a 5G phone (Whitney Tilson)

The Wager Revisited (Humble Dollar)

Tech Earnings Will Test Rally in Growth Stocks (WSJ)

How Warren Buffett Made 50% Returns During His Partnership Days | Warren Buffett’s Investment Strategy Explained (Macro Ops)

Do Recessions Need to Happen? (Prag Cap)

Why some big investors have had enough of hedge funds (FT)

2019 Punch Card Conference notes (Leon Lin)

Wise Up, Stock Analysts. Tesla Is the Real Deal. (Bloomberg)

The Elusive Definition of Risk (Validea)

Bollore: Streaming Music & Cash Flows (Vitaliy Katsenelson)

What’s Alpha? (Morningstar)

The Tragic iPad (Stratechery)

This is 40: Growth vs. value (Brinker Capital)

DoubleLine’s roundtable of experts highlight a big risk lurking in the stock market (Yahoo Finance)

When the market drives you crazy (Tyler Cowen)

The Handmaid’s Tale (Barel Karsan)

3 Questions That Stump Investment Experts (Morningstar)

Eight Things I Never Knew About Jack Dorsey (Ramp Capital)

How Will You Measure Your Life? (HBR)

The ‘Fool’s Yield’ of private credit (FT Alphaville)

Recovery (Bone Fide Wealth)

Horizon Kenetics Q4 2019 Letter (Horizon Kinetics)

Fourth Quarter 2019 Letter: Steepening the Slope (Greenwood)

Boyar Value Group’s 4th-Quarter 2019 Letter  (Boyar Value)

Optimism & New Opportunities (Euclidean Q4 2019 Letter)

This week’s best value-investing reads:

Value-Turned-Growth Stocks – Understanding The Value Cycle (PSG)

Ken French: ‘There Is No Way to Tell’ If Value Premium Is Disappearing (Institutional Investor)

If Value Stocks Are Toxic, Why Aren’t Junk Bonds? (Bloomberg)

Value Investing’s Neglected Tool? (CFA Institute)

Learning the wrong lessons; style drift; and why smart value investors underperform (LT3000)

Value Investing in Japan: Our View on Engagement (MOI)

A Value Investor View of Market Dynamics and Potential Dislocations (Advisor Perspectives)

Value Investing Workshop & Camp Millionaire: Bangalore & Mumbai (Safal Niveshak)

This week’s best investing research reads:

The Value Premium – Fama-Miller Working Paper (papers.ssrn)

Enterprise Multiples and Expected Stock Returns (Alpha Architect)

Avoid Short Volatility Products (Aleph)

7 Tips Every Futures Trader Should Know (Schwab)

First comes futures, then comes the Bitcoin options. (RCM)

What Leading Indicators Index Means For Stocks (UPFINA)

Patient capital in the 21st century (Real Returns)

S3 Analytics: January Short Squeeze Candidates (Shortsight)

Technology & Markets (Investor Amnesia)

Fighting U.S. FOMO (Flirting with Models)

Stop worrying and learn to love momentum (Klement)

Bonds, Bubbles and Biases (Compound)

Tesla Is Off The Charts (GMM)

My Experience with Groundfloor Real Estate Investing (Fat Pitch)

Liquidity & Factor Performance (FactorResearch)

Sinatra’s Stock Market: Fly Me to the Moon (Dr. Eds Blog)

This week’s best investing podcasts:

Deep Value Investing with Tobias Carlisle (Millennial Investing)

Apocalyptic Thinking (Animal Spirits)

What Long Term Investors Can Learn From Traders (The Compound)

Chetan Puttagunta – Go Slow to Go Fast: Software Building and Investing – [EP.156] (Invest Like The Best)

Episode #199: Peter Livingston, “All My Best Investments Were The Ones I Couldn’t Get Anyone Else To Do” (Meb Faber)

Ep. 106 – Key Takeaways from “The Rebel Allocator” and Farnam Street’s Investing Philosophy with Jake Taylor, Farnam Street Investments and Author of “The Rebel Allocator” (Planet MicroCap)

TIP279: Stock Market Melt-up w/ Luke Gromen (TIP)

Michael Green, Chief Strategist, Logica Capital Advisers (Alpha Exchange)

MiB: Safi Bahcall, Loonshots (Barry Ritholz)

#49: Contagion: Should Investors be Concerned About the Coronavirus? (Absolute Returns)

Is There an Alternative to Equities? (Take 15)

The Perils of Market Forecasting (Excess Returns)

Morgan Housel Interviews Brent Beshore at MicroCap Leadership Summit 2019 (MicroCapClub)

A Game Changer for Market Leadership Creating New Winners and Losers – End of Globalization (Wealth Track)

David Trainer & Kara Marciscano (Behind The Markets)

Ted Seides – A Rational Reminder (EP.121) (Capital Allocators)

This week’s best investing graphic:

Unlocking the Return Potential in Factor Investing (Visual Capitalist)

(Source: Visual Capitalist)

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