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In addition to The Acquirers Podcast, Tobias has just launched a new weekly podcast called – VALUE: After Hours on his Greenbackd website. Value: After Hours is a podcast about value investing, Fintwit, and all things finance and investment. Tobias is joined by co-hosts Bill Brewster of Sullimar Capital Group, and Jake Taylor, author of The Rebel Allocator. In this episode Taylor, Brewster, and Carlisle chat about:

  • What Do You Do When You Get A Call From Charles Munger?
  • Warren Buffett Is The G.O.A.T And Berkshire’s Secret Sauce
  • At Today’s Levels, Even If Value Does Start To Outperform, Maybe We’re Not Going To See The Same Out-Performance As We Did In The Past
  • Google Is The Tax On Everything These Days
  • Here’s A Game That Helps Us To Decide Whether Investing Is More Luck Than Skill
  • Why Is Apple TV Diverting Me To The Disney Arcade App?
  • Why The Mandalorian Is A Must Watch
  • Kinetic Energy And How It Applies To Investing
  • How Did Jim Simons Become So Successful And The Big Problem With Indexing
  • When Do Buy-Backs Make The Most Sense?
  • In Hindsight It’s Easy To Pick A Winning Stock – But Who Could Have Predicted Amazon’s AWS?
  • Is it important to understand if a company’s revenues or profits are sustainable or overstated, understated due to boom or bust conditions?

You can find the podcast at Greenbackd here: (S01 E01) The VALUE: After Hours Podcast

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