This Week’s Best Investing Articles, Research, Podcasts 11/29/2019

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Here’s a list of this week’s best investing reads:

The 5 Types of Market Crash Predictions (A Wealth of Common Sense)

No More Gurus (Collaborative Fund)

How Performance Reviews Can Kill Your Culture (Farnam Street)

Warren Buffett Attempted To Buy Tech Data Corp. In Thwarted $5 Billion Deal (CNBC)

Is It Time To Get Bullish On Green Bud? (Felder Report)

The Greatest Investor of All Time? (The Irrelevant Investor)

Risky Business (Frank K Martin)

Why We Don’t Own Tesla stock (and no, we’re not bears) (Vitaliy Katsenelson)

It’s Slow Going, but Stuff Like Wheat and Oil Can Spice Up Your Returns (Jason Zweig)

It’s 2019, But It Sure Feels a Lot Like 1998 for Stocks (Bloomberg)

The Great Hedge Fund Retreat (Institutional Investor)

The Bus Ticket Theory Of Genius (Paul Graham)

Active Funds Performed Poorly This Year. And That Could Continue in 2020 (Nasdaq)

Oldies but Goodies (Humble Dollar)

Show Me The Money (MIller Value Partners)

Was That All Value Could Muster? (All Start Charts)

The Power of Place (Daniel Crosby)

There’s No Place Like Home: The Case For and Against Extreme Home Bias in Equity Investing (Elm Funds)

Thoughts on the Kelly Formula; Jeff Bezos’ shareholder letters from 1997 to 2018; Bill Gates explains the Internet 24 years ago  (Whitney Tilson)

Jeremy Siegel sees Dow 30,000 as market’s next milestone (CNBC)

Bubbles Can Last for a LONG time (Crossing Wall Street)

Stock Market Needs ‘Knights of Faith’ (Validea)

Two Amazing Facts About Finance (Evidence-Based Investor)

Looking For Stock Market Buying Opportunities? There’s Always a Bear Market Somewhere (Fortune)

Do Activist Investors Create Value? (FactorResearch)

Integration and Monopoly (Stratechery)

The Best Investment You Can Make (Of Dollars and Data)

How Apple and Microsoft Dwarf the Rest of the Market (WSJ)

Let’s Talk About Banks and Magical Money Trees (Prag Cap)

Thanksgiving: The Bull Is No Turkey (Dr Ed’s Blog)

Thinking in Bets (Barel Karsan)

Opportunities in an Evolving Financial Industry (CFA Institute)

Clear and Present Danger: Unfunded Pension Liabilities (Value Expectations)

Are You Sticking to Your Investment Principles or Suffering from Escalating Commitment? (Behavioural Investment)

This week’s best value-investing reads:

Todd Wenning – The Heart of Value Investing (MOI Global)

The Greatest Value Investor You’ve Never Heard (Macro Ops)

What Value Investing Really Means (Forbes)

Finding hidden treasure: value investing is back in fashion (MoneyWeek)

Why Investors Should Rethink “Value” Investing (Nasdaq)

6 Most Important Financial Metrics for Value Investing (Value Stock Guide)

This week’s best investing research reads:

When Equity Factors Drop Their Shorts (papers.ssrn)

Contractual Complexity in Debt Agreements: The Case of EBITDA (docdroid)

Are Earnings Forecasts of Sell-side Analysts Biased? (Alpha Architect)

Is The Recent Rebound In Interest Rates Fading? (Capital Spectator)

VIX Displaying HIGH-ly Unusual Resilience (Dana Lyons)

Calculating Potential Profit and Loss on Options (Schwab)

S3 Analytics: European Hottest Short Stocks – Week of 11/15-11/21 (S3)

Volume May Still Have Some Significance (Price Action Lab)

The chart that haunts me (Klement)

In Search of True Factors (Investment Innovation)

Diversification: More Than “What” (Flirting with Models)

Does The Return Of QE Mean Big Gains For Stocks In 2020? (Advisor Perspectives)

A Cycle of Addiction (Epsilon Theory)

Europe vs the US: Is it all about sector exposures? (Albert Bridge Capital)

Market Efficiency and Hard Thinking (Mark Rzepczynski)

Little Things I’m Thankful For (Bps and Pieces)

This week’s best investing podcasts:

The Nastiest, Hardest Problem in Finance (Animal Spirits)

Scott Adams: Avoiding Loserthink (Ep. #70] (The Knowledge Project)

It’s A Gusher (Grant’s Current Yield)

Episode #189: John Parise, “70% Of Wealth Is Lost In The 3rd Generation” (Meb Faber)

Behind the Curtains: Ramp Capital and Super Mugatu (EP.01) (Infinite Loops)

TIP270: Jesse Itzler – NBA Owner, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author (TIP)

Gavin Baker – Tech and Consumer Growth Investing – [EP.149] (Invest Like The Best)

When to Sell a Value Stock (Value Investor)

What Happened to Hedge Funds? (with Michael and Ted Seides) (The Compound Show)

Ep. 101 – Value Investing: Looking for the Overlooked with Geoff Gannon, Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager at Focused Compounding (Planet MicroCap)

Jeremy Schwartz and Jeremy Siegel speak to Robert Shiller (Behind The Markets)

Mark Zuckerberg Interviews Patrick Collison and Tyler Cowen on the Nature and Causes of Progress (Bonus) (Conversations with Tyler)

51 – Psychology of Selling Losers (DIY Investing)

Drew Dickson – Blending Behavior and Fundamentals at Albert Bridge Capital (First Meeting, EP.13) (Capital Allocators)

This week’s best investing graphic/video:

Who are the Greatest Investors of All Time? (Carlson, Brown, & Batnick)

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