This Week’s Best Investing Reads 5/31/2019

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Here’s a list of this week’s best investing reads:

Five Lessons from History (Collaborative Fund)

What I Learned from Doing a Financial Plan (The Irrelevant Investor)

Jeff Bezos: Big Things Start Small (Farnam Street)

The David Bowie Hedge When Buying a Home (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Danger Ahead (Humble Dollar)

This is Why EVERYONE Should Hate Proxy Advisors (Cove Street Capital)

The death of value investing has been greatly exaggerated (Value Stock Geek)

Crowds (The Reformed Broker)

Neil Woodford shows it can be hard to tell luck from judgment (FT)

Survival = Risk Management (Market Fox)

Fibonacci Symmetry In The Stock Market (The Felder Report)

A Hated Wall Street Strategy Helps This 88-Year-Old Fund Beat the Market (Bloomberg)

How Artificial Intelligence Changed The World of Finance (Value Stock Guide)

Trying to Put the Struggles of Value Investing in Context (Validea)

How Checking Performance Might Hurt Your Performance (Betterment)

Why Musicians Make Good Investors (Market Misbehavior)

The Bond Market Is Trying to Tell Us Something (Worry) (NY Times)

Letter to a Young Investor (Vitaliy Katsenelson)

Is Vanguard Better at Predicting Future Returns? (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Think Before You Fish for Bargains in Chinese Stocks (Jason Zweig)

#Women in Finance Know Stuff: A Conversation with Perth Tolle (Alpha Architect)

Not Efficient, But Effective (Of Dollars and Data)

How Do You Identify Skill? (Behavioural Investment)

To Err Is Human (Morningstar)

Is Investing About Luck? Or Why Dividend Growth Kicks Ass Against All Odds (The Dividend Guy Blog)

Why Factor Investing Isn’t Working (Institutional Investor)

Does a CFA or MBA add Value? (csinvesting)

How to avoid investment mistakes (The Evidence-Based Investor)

Correlation And Meaning (Demonetized)

Emotions and Decision Making: Logic-Beating Biases (CFA Institute)

This week’s best investing research reads:

Equity Risk Premiums (ERP): Determinants, Estimation and Implications – The 2019 Edition (Aswath Damodaran)

Does Activism Work (Verdad)

Cheap vs expensive countries (Factor Research)

A Bond-Investing Homeowner May Get To Profit Thrice (Financial Samurai)

A Line In The Sand: Why China Can’t Risk The Yuan Falling Much Further (Speculators Anonymous)

Global Bond Yields Fall Near Multiyear Lows (WSJ)

Our Systematic Value Philosophy (Flirting with Models)

Recession Watch In Effect (UPFINA)

This ‘stable dividend portfolio’ has market beating returns with little drama (Globe and Mail)

How alternative risk premia are built – The devil is in the details (Mark Rzepczynski)

FOMO? Investors Fear Missing Out as Companies Stay Private for Longer (Advisor Perspectives)

China, leverage, and values (Stratechery)

Liberal Radicalism: A Flexible Design For Philanthropic Matching Funds (papers.ssrn)

This week’s best investing podcasts:

Episode #158: Tobias Carlisle, “The Way To Get The Best Performance Is To Concentrate Into Industries When They Get Cheap” (Meb Faber)

The Podcast Power Law (Animal Spirits)

TIP244: Bitcoin Basics w/ Leading Expert Tuur Demeester (The Investors Podcast)

Following Intellectual Curiosity: My Interview with Entrepreneur and Investor Thomas Tull Ep. #59 (The Knowledge Project)

Gaining Momentum (The Curious Investor)

David Epstein – Wide or Deep? EP.133 (Invest Like The Best)

Ezekiel Emanuel on the Practice of Medicine, Policy, and Life (Conversations With Tyler)

Tim Recker – Concentration at the Irvine Foundation (EP.100) (Capital Allocators)

Rob McEwen: Explosive Moves are Ahead for this Gold Bull Market (Palisade Radio)

This week’s best investing video (animated):


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