This Week’s Best Investing Reads 5/24/2019

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Here’s a list of this week’s best investing reads:

Is the paradigm that has defined investment returns for a decade coming to an end? (13D Research)

The Three Phases of an Investor’s Life (The Reformed Broker)

The Difference (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Realistic Personal Finance Hacks (Collaborative Fund)

Another Breadth Warning For Stocks (The Felder Report)

David Einhorn Roars Back With Value Bets (GuruFocus)

Has Berkshire Hathaway Moved Away From Value Investing by Investing in (Motley Fool)

Hedge Fund Titan David Tepper Is Planning to Return Investors’ Money (WSJ)

How To Manage Your Dividend Portfolio In A Downturn (Dividend Growth Stocks)

The Uncommon Average (Independent Thought)

There Is No Technology-Stock Bubble (Morningstar)

Looking for a summer read? Try one of these 5 books (Bill Gates)

22 Lessons From Jeff Bezos’ Annual Letters To Shareholders (cbinsights)

Bill Ackman Shareholder Letter Q1 2019 (Pershing Square)

Discussions About Modernization – A series by Li Lu (Himalaya Capital)

Resonance: How to Open Doors For Other People (Farnam Street)

9 Important Investment Advice from Warren Buffett that will Make You a Complete Investor (Value Stock Guide)

Differences in Value (Validea)

Why Are Other Investors So Biased? (Behavioural Investment)

The Secret World of Jim Simons (Institutional Investor)

Blind faith in the high equity return cult will lead to disaster (Financial Times)

A cognitive scientist explains why humans are so susceptible to fake news and misinformation (NiemanLab)

Patsy in the Game (Fundoo Professor)

Mr. Market Just Got Inside Your Head. Don’t Let Him Mess With You (Jason Zweig)

How Math Whizzes Helped Sink the Economy [Book Excerpt] (Scientific American)

The Best Kind of Learning (The Irrelevant Investor)

Follow These Rules If You Want to Fail Miserably at Investing (MOI Global)

Stop the Financial Pornography! (Of Dollars and Data)

JP Morgan hedge fund survey – What is hot and what is not (Mark Rzepczynski)

Check’s in the Mail (Humble Dollar)

The Equality Equation: Three Reasons Why the Gender Investing Gap Is Closing (CFA Institute)

My Investing Bible (bps and pieces)

This week’s best investing research reads:

The Folly of Hiring Winners and Firing Losers (Alpha Architect)

Improving The Momentum Factor (Factor Research)

Nifty Pattern Forming In This Foreign Market (Dana Lyons)

Will The Fed Cut Rates In 2019? (UPFINA)

Mean-Reversion Strategy Show of Strength (Price Action Lab)

Three Things I Think I Think – It’s Rubio! (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Disproving a Signal (Flirting with Models)

Stay Rich And Maybe Get A Bit Richer Without Dying Trying (Demonetized)

The 5-Laws Of Human Stupidity & How To Be A “Non-Stupid” Investor (Advisor Perspectives)

This week’s best investing podcasts:

Priya Parker – The Art of Gathering (Invest Like the Best)

Episode #156: Steve Glickman, “I Think There’s A Lot Weighing On How Successful We Are At Achieving The Goals Of Opportunity Zones” (Meb Faber)

The Absence of Stuff (Animal Spirits)

TIP243: Tobias Carlisle – Creating an ETF (The Investors Podcast)

S4:E8 Mark Moffett – The Human Swarm (5 Good Questions)

The All-Important Power of Consumer Brands (Value Investing With Legends)

REPLAY – Michael Mauboussin – Active Challenges, Rational Decisions and Team Dynamics (Capital Allocators)

Episode 10: Howard Lorber (The World According To Boyar)

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