11 Of The Best Books On Stock & Business Valuation

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We recently started a series called – Superinvestors: Books That Every Investor Should Read. So far we’ve provided the book recommendations from:

Together with our own 2018 recommended reading list of:

This week we’re going to take a look at eleven of the best books on stock and business valuation.

11 of the Best Books on Stock and Business Valuation

1. The Intelligent Investor (Benjamin Graham)

2. Security Analysis (Benjamin Graham & David Dodd)

3. The Little Book of Valuation (Aswath Damodaran)

4. Business Analysis and Valuation (Krishna Palepu)

5. Modern Investment Theory (Robert Haugen)

6. Value Investing – From Graham To Buffett and Beyond (Bruce Greenwald)

7. Determining Value (Richard Barker)

8. The Theory of Investment Value (John Burr Williams)

9. Equity Asset Valuation (Jerald E. Pinto, Elaine Henry, Thomas R. Robinson, John D. Stowe)

10. Narrative and Numbers (Aswath Damodaran)

11. Valuation – Measuring and Managing The Value of Companies (McKinsey & Company)

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