This Week’s Best Investing Reads 2/15/2019

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Here’s a list of this week’s best investing reads:

Getting Ahead By Being Inefficient (Farnam Street)

How to Wreck a Pension Plan in 3 Easy Steps (A Wealth of Common Sense)

History Is Written By The Victors (The Financial Bodyguard)

January 2019 Data Update 8: Dividends and Buybacks – Fact and Fiction (Aswath Damodaran)

Miss the Worst Days, Miss the Best Days (The Irrelevant Investor)

Star Stockpicker Exits the Hedge Fund Stage (Barron’s)

For investors, most financial television is worthless noise (The Evidence Based Investor)

Beware Helpers Bearing Advice (Demonetized)

How to Dodge a Market Dip That Threatens Your Retirement (New York Times)

Forget the 401(k). Let’s Invent a New Retirement Plan. (Jason Zweig)

Paul Volcker & Ray Dalio | State of the US Economy & Government (YouTube)

Perhaps Jay Powell Just Got A Bad Case Of Deja Vu (The Felder Report)

JP Morgan is rolling out the first US bank-backed cryptocurrency to transform payments business (CNBC)

Rocket Ships (MicroCap Club)

Yell All You Want About Stock Buybacks, They’re Not Slowing Down (Bloomberg)

Short Money Rules (Collaborative Fund)

The ETF Industry’s Biggest Problem, and How to Fix It (Barron’s)

Buy the dip or dollar cost average? (The Reformed Broker)

Wall of Ideas (Safal Niveshak)

How The Patient Investor Sees the World More Clearly (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Accounting for Time (HBR)

Investors Pulled Record $25 Billion From U.S. Stock ETFs in January (WSJ)

The Cognitive Aristocracy (Of Dollars & Data)

Investors Pile Back Into Stocks (Dana Lyons)

Bill Miller Loving Life in the Wilderness (Validea)

The Abdication of Bill Gross (bps and pieces)

Too Familiar? (Humble Dollar)

Why It’s So Easy To Manipulate The Numbers (Zen Investor)

Dividend Cut, What Do I Do? The Dividend Guy)

Smart Beta: Broken by Design? (CFA Institute)

The True Cost of Divesting (Investing Innovation)

Trend: Convexity & Premium (Flirting With Models)

An investor’s desire for negative skew – Behavioral biases (Mark Rzepczynski)

This week’s best investing research reads:

Traders Pushing Prices Up and Other Misconceptions (Price Action Lab)

Guess Who’s Buying (The Macro Tourist)

Factor Investing as an Edge (Wisdom Tree)

Looking for the Intuition Underlying Multi-Factor Stock Selection (Cliff Asness)

Some Anomalous Evidence Regarding Market Efficiency (papers.ssrn)

Eliminating Buybacks Isn’t A Free Lunch (UPFINA)

Denis Laviolette: New Tech will Disrupt Mining Forever (Palisade Research)

U.S. 10 Year-Treasury Yield Trendline (Advisor Perspectives)

The Smart Money Indicator: A New Risk Management Tool (Alpha Architect)

This week’s best investing podcasts:

Animal Spirits Episode 68: The Rich Man’s IRA (Ben Carlson & Michael Batnick)

Episode #142: Ryan Ansin, “I Don’t Believe That It’s Easy To Back Into Revenue In This Industry, There Are Just A Thousand Things That Can Go Wrong” (Meb Faber)

Project One Question: The Inside ETFs Conference (Justin Castelli)

Best of TTU – The History of Trend Following (Niels Kaastrup-Larsen)

TIP229: Billionaire Reid Hoffman Lessons Learned (Stig Brodersen & Preston Pysh)

Alex Danco – Scarcity, Abundance and Bubbles (Patrick O’Shaughnessy)

Chris Ailman – CalSTRS’ Venerable CIO (EP.86) (Ted Seides)

MIB: 95% of Crypto Will Die a Painful Death (Barry Ritholz)

This week’s best investing chart:

The 7 Major Flaws of the Global Financial System (Visual Capitalist)

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