Charles Munger: Investing In Shares Is Much Easier Than Investing In Real Estate, Here’s Why

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Here’s a great little video in which Charles Munger is discussing why investing in shares is better than investing in real estate. Munger says:

“The trouble with real estate is that everybody else understands it, and the people who you’re dealing with and competed with, they’ve specialized in a little twelve blocks or a little industry. They know more about the industry than you do. And you’ve got a lot of bullshitters and liars and brokers. So it’s not a bit easy. It’s not a bit easy!”

“You don’t even see the good opportunities in real estate. They show those to the big investors they’re dealing with. It’s not an easy game to play against. Whereas stocks you’re equal with everybody, if you’re smart. In real estate you don’t even see the good opportunites when you’re starting out. They go to others. The stock market’s always open.”

You can watch the video here:

(Source: YouTube)

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