Stephen Mandel: Top 10 Holdings, New Buys, Sold Out Positions

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One of the best resources for investors are the publicly available 13F-HR documents that each fund is required to submit to the SEC. These documents allow investors to track their favorite superinvestors, their fund’s current holdings, plus their new buys and sold out positions. We spend a lot of time here at The Acquirer’s Multiple digging through these 13F-HR documents to find out which superinvestors hold positions in the stocks listed in our Stock Screeners.

As a new weekly feature, we’re now providing the top 10 holdings, new additions to the portfolio, and sold out positions from some of our favorite superinvestors based on their latest 13F-HR documents.

This week we’ll take a look at Stephen Mandel (6-30-2018):

The current market value of his portfolio is $18,908,615,000.

Top 10 Positions

Security Current
Current Value
MSFT / Microsoft Corp. 12,504,471 1,233,066,000
BABA / Alibaba Group Holding Limited 6,394,697 1,186,408,000
ATVI / Activision Blizzard, Inc. 14,257,637 1,088,143,000
ADBE / Adobe Systems, Inc. 4,456,362 1,086,506,000
BKNG / Booking Holdings Inc. 531,060 1,076,506,000
UNH / UnitedHealth Group Inc. 4,121,415 1,011,148,000
IQV / IQVIA Holdings Inc. 10,120,122 1,010,191,000
EA / Electronic Arts Inc. 6,317,420 890,883,000
STZ / Constellation Brands, Inc. 3,877,836 848,742,000
CSX / CSX Corp. 13,192,235 841,401,000

Top New Positions

Security Current
Current Value
CP / Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. 2,861,578 523,726,000
NVDA / NVIDIA Corp. 2,134,768 505,727,000
MHK / Mohawk Industries, Inc. 477,072 102,222,000

Sold Out Positions

Security Prev
Prev Value
AVGO / Broadcom Limited 2,737,741 645,149,000
TSM / Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 12,349,027 540,393,000
BLK / BlackRock, Inc. 918,870 497,770,000
TMUS / T-Mobile US, Inc. 3,486,629 212,824,000
EXAS / EXACT Sciences Corp. 1,298,001 52,348,000

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