This Week’s Best Investing Reads 10/12/2018

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Here’s a list of this week’s best investing reads:

You Never Know (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Time Horizon vs Endurance (Collaborative Fund)

U-G-L-Y (The Irrelevant Investor)

And then they came for the tech stocks… (The Reformed Broker)

Lessons from Howard Marks’ New Book: “Mastering the Market Cycle – Getting the Odds on Your Side” (25iq)

Delivering Happiness (Barel Karsan)

Economic Bears Throw In The Towel (The Macro Tourist)

Hedge Fund Test: Are YOU Smarter than a Chimp? (csinvesting)

Why The Best Predictor of Future Stock Market Returns is Useless (Of Dollars and Data)

Valuation: How to Value Financial Services Companies (Rob Abbott)

A Bad Day in the Market: Is It a False Alarm? (Advisor Perspectives)

How Much is Too Much to Pay for a Great Business? (Focused Compounding)

Saving Your Retirement from a Stock Market Crash (Safal Niveshak)

BANG: The Ultimate Anti-Passive Investment (The Felder Report)

Why Warren Buffett still wins if Sears goes bankrupt (Yahoo Finance)

Activism Insight: An Interview With Bruce Goldfarb, CEO of Okapi Partners (ValueWalk)

Jack Bogle’s Bogleheads Keep Investing Simple. You Should Too. (Jason Zweig)

Third Point’s Loeb says Campbell Soup’s existing board should not choose next CEO (CNBC)

Jack of Hearts (Humble Dollar)

Wedding Spending Rules To Follow If You Don’t Want To End Up Broke And Alone (Financial Samurai)

What’s Wrong, Warren? (Brian Langis)

The Cost of Having a Taper Tantrum (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Richard Bernstein – What’s the Biggest Risk in the Markets Today? (WealthTrack)

Weitz Investment Management Q318 Market Commentary (Weitz)

When Better Profit Margins Aren’t Better (Validea)

Bill Ackman reveals $900 million bet on Starbucks, sees shares doubling in three years (CNBC)

Bill Nygren Q318 Market Commentary (Oakmark)

My Self-Improvement Journey (Vitaliy Katsenelson)

The last day of the quarter (Tesla edition) (Bronte Capital)

This week’s best investing research reads:

Investment Factor Timing: Challenging, but Not Impossible (Alpha Architect)

New Research Paper – Insider sales are positively associated with future crash risk (

Factor Investing in Micro and Small Caps (CFA Institute)

The Reason Behind Rising Yields (UPFINA)

As Stocks and Bonds Crash (A Rare Event) – Gold Surprised With A Rally (Palisade Research)

The Post Financial Crisis Decade: Unusually low factor returns and an investment drag (mrzepczynski)

Is the green rush fool’s gold or will marijuana prove one of this decade’s great investment opportunities? (13D Research)

This week’s best investing podcasts:

Animal Spirits Episode 50: A Committee of Geniuses (Ben Carlson & Michael Batnick)

Saifedean Ammous – The Bitcoin Standard (Patrick O’Shaughnessy)

Daniel Gross: Dreams and Determination (David Perell)

TIP211: Artificial Intelligence and Finance w/ Dr. Wes Gray (Stig Brodersen & Preston Pysh)

Episode #125: Tom Barton, “The Biggest Problem Investors Have is Things Change…and They Don’t Change”(Meb Faber)

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