Mohnish Pabrai: The Ten Commandments of Investment Management

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We’ve just been watching a recent presentation with Mohnish Pabrai at the Carroll School of Management – Boston College. Pabrai is discussing his ten commandments of investment management as follows:

1. Thou shall not skim off the top [fees]

2. Thou shalt not have an investment team

3. Thou shalt accept that thou shalt be wrong at least one-third of the time

4. Thou shalt look for hidden PE of 1 stocks

5. Thou shalt never use Excel

6. Thou shalt always have a rope to climb out of the deepest well

7. Thou shalt be singularly focused

8. Thou shalt never short a stock

9. Thou shalt not introduce leverage

10. Thou shalt be a shameless cloner

You can watch the entire presentation here:

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