Sponsored Post: Value Invest New York $350 Discount Until August 31

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Value Invest New York will take place on December 4

$350 discount until August 31

The line-up for Value Invest New York was announced last week and it will feature speakers including Joel Greenblatt, Howard Marks, Robert Hagstrom, Dave Iben and others.

If you want to attend you can get $350 off the ticket price until the end of August using the code: AQUIRERS_MULTIPLE_AUGUST18

The speakers will talk about current themes affecting Value Investors, outline their approach and give investment ideas from the United States and around the world: You can see the full speaker line-up here.

An overview video of the event and performance of the investment ideas presented at the organizers other conference in London is below. The conference in New York will have a similar number of investment ideas presented at it each year (skip to 47 seconds for the investment ideas):

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