The Acquirer’s Multiple Gazette – (Investing Reads, Podcasts, Tweets, Superinvestor News)

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The Acquirer’s Multiple Gazette is a roundup of this week’s best investing reads, podcasts, tweets and superinvestor news:

Investing Reads

What’s Wrong With Value? (The Irrelevant Investor)

180 Years of Stock Market Drawdowns (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Stock Market Reversals Can Cause Recessions Too (The Reformed Broker)

What You Can Learn from Fighter Pilots About Making Fast and Accurate Decisions (Farnam Street)

The Fantastic Four That Make Look FANG Look Tame (The Felder Report)

The Thin Line Between Bold and Reckless (Collaborative Fund)

The World’s Priciest Stock Market (Robert Shiller)

Inside Warren Buffett’s Brain (ValueWalk)

Superinvestor News

George Soros: Bitcoin is a bubble, Trump is a ‘danger to the world’ (The Globe & Mail)

Ackman’s hedge fund lays off staff, including his driver (The New York Post)

David Einhorn Buys Twitter, Time Warner, Ensco (Forbes)

Hedge fund giant Klarman trashes bitcoin, says cryptocurrencies are ‘tulip bulbs for the digital age’ (CNBC)

Ray Dalio, manager of world’s largest hedge fund, rips Mnuchin’s weak dollar position as ‘a hidden tax’ (Investing)

Warren Buffett’s bet on airlines lost more than $700 million in sector sell-off (CNBC)

Investing Podcasts

Acquirer’s Multiple – Tobias Carlisle (ValueWalk)

Billionaire Ray Dalio and Bill Gross On What To Expect In 2018 (Preston Pysh & Stig Brodersen)

Thomas D. Gilovich Talks About Human Behavior (Masters In Business)

Meb’s Most Popular Tweet Of All Time… Signs Of The Top… Listener Q&A (Meb Faber)

50 – 363 Days: Donald Trump’s First Year (Adventures In Finance)

The Three-Body Portfolio with Dr. Ben Hunt (Patrick O’Shaughnessy)

Amazon’s Prime Move (The Motley Fool)

How to Become a C.E.O. (Freakonomics)

Investing Tweets

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