This Week’s Best Investing Reads

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Here is a list of some of this week’s best investing reads:

Financial News Doesn’t Rhyme But It Does Repeat Itself (A Wealth of Common Sense)

The Price of Progress (The Irrelevant Investor)

Bulls Rampage (csinvesting)

Life Lessons from a Self-Made Billionaire: My Conversation with Ray Dalio (Farnam Street)

Why You Don’t Want to Invest Like an Expert (Jason Zweig)

Mark Yusko Discusses His 10-Year Bet With Warren Buffett (The Felder Report)

Losing With a Winning Hand (Of Dollars And Data)

VIX and Trend-Following, the Killer Combo? (Alpha Architect)

Nobel Laureate Richard H. Thaler on the End of Behavioral Finance (CFA Institute)

US Equity Correction? Prepare, Don’t Panic (AllianceBernstein)

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