What Could Investors Do With 1000 Years Of Data? – Abnormal Returns

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Great article by Tadas Viskanta at Abnormal Returns, where he asked an esteemed group of independent finance bloggers; If we had a 1,000 years of market data what kinds of things would get validated?

The group included Tobias Carlisle from The Acquirer’s Multiple who said:

We get the same answers we have now but still no resolution. If we had 1,000 years of data, people would say, “Well, sure, but that data set started in the Dark Ages after the fall of Rome, through the rise of Western Civilisation and culminated with the Industrial Revolution. That’s why momentum stocks looked so strong. If we had a 10,000-year backtest, value might just start outperforming.” 10,000 years later value would still be waiting for its time. Any day now.”

You can read the full article here.

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