Latest Interview: Mohnish Pabrai Says Look For Businesses With Very High Uncertainty

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Here’s a recent interview with Mohnish Pabrai on the Steve Pomeranz Hour in which he discusses his value investing strategy and how he finds great opportunities.

Here’s an excerpt from that interview:

Mohnish Pabrai: The key trait of an investment that is likely to do well exhibits low risk coupled with high uncertainty. Because when you have high uncertainty, markets hate that and they will typically under-price companies with a lot of uncertainty.

A low uncertainty business is not going to be underpriced. What you want to look for is a business with very high uncertainty and there you can occasionally get extremist pricing and that’s the time to step in. Like Charlie [Munger] did with Tennaco when the stock dropped to a dollar. I think he sold it for fifteen dollars but then it went to fifty dollars after that. So that’s really what you want to do.

You can find the interview here. Part one starts around 9:30 minutes and part two starts around 40:00 minutes.

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