Bruce Berkowitz Says I’m Investing In That Which Is Hated Or Deemed To Fail And That’s Where I Like To Be

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Here’s a great interview on Bloomberg with Bruce Berkowitz.

In terms of being a contrarian Berkowitz says, “The markets are not cheap, the markets are being driven by a handful of companies. As usual I’m investing in that which is hated or deemed to fail and that’s where I like to be.”

On his investing strategy he says, “I’ve always been value based and I’ve always been a balance sheet buyer. I’ve always bought assets at a significant discount to I believe the value and usually you can only do that when companies have issues but you have to determine if those issues are fixable. Then you have a situation where you have a price and you have a value and you know that over time either the price is going to go to the value or the value is going to come down to the price or most likely they meet somewhere in the middle. And, if your’re really good at what you do the value will increase as the price catches up with the value. But currently I don’t think many people think I have that ability.”



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