Value Investing Nuggets – Value Investor Insight Newsletter – March 2017

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One of the best resources for value investors are the Value Investor Insight Newsletters. The VII newsletter is a value investment publication full of value investing nuggets and interviews with some of the best value investing firms. The newsletter was created by money manager Whitney Tilson and media executive John Heins.

The most recent edition includes:

Investor Insight: Causeway Capital.

Harry Hartford and Conor Muldoon of Causeway Capital Management describe where around the globe they’re seeing unwarranted differences in valuation, how they risk-adjust their return expectations, where they’re investing in their firm’s capabilities, and what they think the market is missing in Volkswagen, UniCredit, ArcelorMittal and Cobham.

Investor Insight: ADW Capital

ADW Capital’s Adam Wyden explains how he believes he differentiates himself from other investors, how growing up in a political household has impacted his investing style, why he significantly concentrates his investment bets, how he combats hubris, and why he sees mispriced upside in Imvescor Restaurant Group, Fiat Chrysler, Ferrari and EnviroStar.

Uncovering Risk: Chipotle The company’s situation might naturally attract the contrarian value investor. Should it?

Uncovering Value: Aerojet It lacks the pizazz of competitors, but the company may have much better things going for

Uncovering Value: GCI Finding unrecognized value in a company literally and figuratively “off the beaten path.”

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