Value Investing Nuggets – Graham & Doddsville Newsletter – Spring 2017

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One of the best resources for value investors are the Graham & Doddsville Newsletters. The G&D newsletter is an investment publication from Columbia Business School (CBS) full of value investing nuggets and is co-sponsored by the Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing and the Columbia Student Investment Management Association (CSIMA).

The most recent edition includes:

A. Rama Krishna, CFA, of ARGA Investment Management discusses the application of value investing globally, especially in emerging markets. His time working with valuation-focused firms helped inform ARGA’s approach and the goal to find value anywhere. Rama discusses the challenges and opportunities of this strategy, including the decision to invest nearly a quarter of ARGA’s emerging markets portfolio in Russia when other investors were fleeing the region.

Clifford Sosin of CAS Investment Partners shares his highly concentrated and long-term approach. He discusses two of his investment ideas in depth; anyone following Herbalife (HLF) or World Acceptance Corporation (WRLD), especially short sellers, will be interested in this discussion. Additionally, Cliff provides some unique career advice for aspiring investors.

Christopher Begg, CFA, of East Coast Investment Management discusses the benefits of investing in “compounders, transformations, and workouts.” The adjunct professor of Security Analysis at Columbia Business School shares his thoughts on SherwinWilliams (SHW) and other high quality businesses that are sometimes overlooked. Chris also emphasizes the benefits of multi-disciplinary learning, both for life and for investing.

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