TAM Deep Value Stock Portfolio Up 12.25%, Outpacing Russell 3000 Index by 1.55%

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The TAM Deep Value Stock Portfolio is up 12.25% today outpacing the Russell 3000 Index by 1.55%, since inception.

The portfolio has been boosted by the recent Q1 2017 earnings results of Bridgepoint Education Inc (NYSE:BPI), which had a 200% turnaround in Q1 earnings compared to the previous corresponding period, and Eastman Kodak (NYSE:KODK), which is expected to release its Q1 2017 financial results today. Bridgepoint Education is the clear stand-out in the portfolio, up 117% since inception.

Other highlights include the ongoing rise of FreightCar America, Inc. (NASDAQ:RAIL) and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (NYSE:FCAU) up 52% and 46% respectively. Recent picks R1 RCM Inc (NASDAQ:RCM) and Global Sources Ltd. (Bermuda) (NASDAQ:GSOL) have also proved great additions up 21% and 23% respectively.

Here’s the current portfolio:

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