(Month 8) TAM Deep Value Stock Portfolio Up 13.77% – Global Sources Ltd up 158%

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Today is the end of Month Eight of The Acquirer’s Multiple – Deep Value Stock Portfolio, and the portfolio is up 13.77%, leading the comparative Russell 3000 Index by 2.44%, since inception.

The plan is to build my portfolio over the next twelve months and ongoing. After twelve months I’ll have thirty stocks equally weighted in the portfolio, then I’ll re-balance each position after one year and one day to minimize tax.

Month Eight

Stocks include:

Here’s what the headings mean:

Company: Company name

Ticker: Stock symbol

BUY$: Starting price for each position

Date: Date purchased

CP: Current price for each position

% Diff: The difference between the starting price and the current price by percentage

Daily%: The percentage change in price since the previous trading day’s close.

Investor’s Thoughts

After eight months the portfolio is in good shape, continuing to outperform the Russell 3000 (INDEXRUSSELL:RUA) by 2.44% since inception. Highlights include the 158% gain by Global Sources Ltd. (Bermuda) (NASDAQ:GSOL), Bridgepoint Education Inc (NYSE:BPI), up 108%, and FreightCar America, Inc. (NASDAQ:RAIL), up 53%. For now, I just continue to follow the evidence based strategy provided here at The Acquirer’s Multiple.

Latest Picks

Latest picks include the next two cheapest stocks in the All Investable – Stock Screener here at The Acquirer’s Multiple. They are Alio Gold Inc (NYSEMKT:ALO) and Hess Midstream Partners LP (NYSE:HESM).

Previous Months

If you wish to check out my portfolio’s performance over previous months, you can find them here:

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4 Comments on “(Month 8) TAM Deep Value Stock Portfolio Up 13.77% – Global Sources Ltd up 158%”

    1. Hey Joseph.

      No I haven’t abandoned my TAM strategy, just a bit restricted for time in writing monthly updates. My preference is to find the best value investing articles and investing strategies from the superinvestors, for our readers.

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