Robert (Bob) Olstein – The Advantages Of Active Investing Over Passive Investing

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One of the investors we follow closely at The Acquirer’s Multiple – Stock Screener is Robert Olstein.

Olstein is Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Olstein Capital Management and serves as Head Portfolio Manager of the Olstein All Cap Value Fund and Co-Portfolio Manager of the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund. Olstein has long been recognized as one of the financial community’s most astute research analysts and money managers. Widely acknowledged as a leading expert in corporate disclosure and reporting practices, in 1971 Olstein co-founded The Quality of Earnings Report, which pioneered the use of forensic accounting techniques to identify positive or negative factors affecting a company’s future earnings power.

Last year, Olstein did a great interview with Fox Business in which he discusses the advantages of active investing over passive investing. He also discusses the difference between investment decisions and market decisions, and why he doesn’t spend a lot of time talking to management. It’s a must watch for all investors.

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