100 of the best investing blogs on the planet, plus a couple more (2016)

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article called, 50 of the best investing blogs on the planet, plus a couple more (2016). As expected, I was inundated with emails from folks highlighting blogs that I’d left out. So I’ve updated the list to include another 50, based on those recommendations.

If there’s any obvious great investing blogs that I’ve still overlooked, please add them to the comments section below and I’ll continue to update this list.

These are some of the best investing blogs on the planet. This list is by no means complete, and it’s certainly not in any particular order.

If you’re an investor, take some time to read through the blogs on this list. It’ll provide you with an awesome starting point for your investing education.

Let’s take a look at 100 of the best investing blogs on the planet, plus a couple more…

In no particular order:

      1. Michael Mauboussin
      2. Brooklyn Investor
      3. Howard Marks Memos
      4. CS Investing
      5. Cove Street Capital
      6. Old School Value
      7. Value Walk
      8. Shiller Feeds
      9. 17 Mile
      10. Seeking Alpha
      11. Gurufocus
      12. Latticework
      13. Base Hit Investing
      14. Footnoted
      15. Beyond Proxy
      16. Fundoo Professor
      17. Simoleon Sense
      18. Gannon and Hoang on Investing
      19. Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Letters
      20. Glenn Chan’s Random Notes on Investing
      21. Long Term Value Blog
      22. Oozing Alpha
      23. Reminiscences of a Stockblogger
      24. Understanding and Applying Value Investing
      25. Meb Faber
      26. Alpha Architect
      27. The Investor’s Fieldguide
      28. Greenbackd
      29. The Acquirer’s Multiple
      30. Jason Zweig
      31. Roger Montgomery
      32. 25iq
      33. A Wealth of Common Sense
      34. Musings on Markets
      35. Greg Mankiw’s Blog
      36. Net Net Hunter
      37. Odd Ball Stocks
      38. Enterprising Investor
      39. Marcus Padley
      40. OTC Adventures
      41. Bronte Capital
      42. Street Capitalist
      43. Value Investing Journey
      44. Punchcard Investing
      45. Pragmatic Capitalism
      46. Above the Market
      47. Value and Opportunity
      48. Portfolio Management Jar
      49. Safal Niveshak
      50. Distressed Debt Investing
      51. Shadow Stock
      52. Hurricane Capital
      53. Farnam Street
      54. Contrarian Edge
      55. Bogleheads
      56. Aleph Blog
      57. Wexboy
      58. Abnormal Returns
      59. Value Investing on Reddit
      60. Graham and Doddsville
      61. The Big Picture
      62. Value Investing World
      63. Greg Speicher
      64. Marc to Market
      65. Fat Pitch Financials
      66. Can’t Eat Value
      67. Margin of Safety
      68. Deep Value Investments
      69. Cheap Stocks
      70. Market Folly
      71. Research Puzzle
      72. Alpha Vulture
      73. Above Average Odds Investing
      74. Philosophical Economics
      75. Corner of Berkshire and Fairfax Forum
      76. Can Turtles Fly
      77. Efficient Frontier
      78. Investor Home
      79. Psy-Fi
      80. The Felder Report
      81. A Pauper in the Midst of Wealth
      82. Richard C Whalen
      83. Guerilla Investing
      84. Expecting Value
      85. The Red Corner
      86. Capitalist Exploits
      87. Interactive Investor
      88. Stoic Investing
      89. Barel Karsen
      90. EconomPic Data
      91. Stockmarket Advantage
      92. Value Investing News
      93. Arbor Investment Planner
      94. Value Venture
      95. Wiser Daily
      96. Ben Bernanke’s Blog
      97. Scuttlebutt Investor
      98. Deep Value Investor
      99. Humble Value Investor
      100. Deep Value Ideas
      101. 10Q Detective
      102. Magic Dilligence

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