This Week’s Best Value Investing News, Research, Podcasts 9/10/2021

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This week’s best investing news:

The Panic Series (Pt. I) – 1792 (Jamie Catherwood)

The Butterfly Effect (Verdad)

Betting on change (Neckar)

Legendary Investor Warren Buffett Prepares Berkshire For New Economy (Validea)

Who’s Playing Championship Tetris? Gabe Plotkin, Stevie Cohen, or Ken Griffin? (ARC)

Shorting Your Way to a Greener Tomorrow (Cliff Asness)

Wallets Are Over. Your Phone Is Your Everything Now (WSJ)

‘We couldn’t be further from’ a market bubble: Cathie Wood (Yahoo)

Conversation With Howard Marks (FGV)

A Number From Today and A Story About Tomorrow (Collaborative Fund)

Ken Fisher Explains How to Build a Well Diversified Portfolio (Fisher)

Oh, a Rhinoceros (Epsilon Theory)

How I’m Thinking About the Shiller P/E (VSG)

Price of Ignorance (Humble Dollar)

Christopher Davis Market Commentary (Clipper)

My Worst Trades (Barry Rizholz)

Gautam Baid Interview with Guy Spier (EVI)

Alibaba’s Big Secret (VVI)

Yes, Dow 36,000 Was Very Wrong (PragCap)

Surviving Adversity to Thrive in Recovery (Royce)

The Two Types of Investors (Compound Advisors)

My University Sacrificed Ideas for Ideology. So Today I Quit (Common Sense)

Tech Epochs and the App Store Trap (Stratechery)

Why Leon Cooperman has a ‘weary eye’ on the market (CNBC)

Where will the next shock come from? (EB Investor)

Should we abandon fair value calculations? Part 1 (Klement)

Bernard Baruch’s Biggest Mistake (Novel)

Don’t Let The Robin Hood Gang See This Chart (GMM)

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Dividend Stocks (DGS)

More Than Surviving Uncertainty (Part I of II) (Frank Martin)

Canadian Elections (Brian Langis)

174: Twitter Interest Graph & Creation, Capped Growth Thought Experiment (Liberty)

If The Fed Steps Back, Do Yields Step Up? (Brinker)

The First Rule of Compounding (Woodlock)

The Boyar Value Group 2nd Quarter 2021 Client Letter (Boyar)

This week’s best value Investing news:

Is The Value Premium Smaller Than We Thought? (Alpha Architect)

Investing The Warren Buffett Way (Forbes)

Growth vs. Value Investing: What You Need To Know About Both To Make the Most of Your Money (Yahoo)

Value Investing: Bridging Theory and Practice (ResearchGate)

This week’s Fear & Greed Index:


This week’s best investing podcasts:

#119 Todd Simkin: Making Better Decisions (Knowledge Project)

TIP376: The Value of Netflix w/ Arif Karim (TIP)

The Value Perspective with Tom Slater (Value Perspective)

Emerging Markets Bonds & Diverse ESG Opportunities (WealthTrack)

Why Short Selling is Essential to Corporate Bond Markets (Zer0es TV)

S11 E7: Dr. Bob on “Woking Up” Corporations (Sherman)

Ep. 191 – The Underdog, Babushka Doll, Social Pariah (Planet MicroCap)

Behavioural investing, ft. Daniel Crosby, Phd | The Behavioural Investor (Rask)

Episode #347: Radio Show – Wes Gray & Patrick Cleary, Alpha Architect– All Things ETFs (Meb Faber)

Asset Class Scoreboard: August 2021 (RCM Alternatives)

Jared Dillian: How Much Higher Can Inflation Get? (Real Vision)

The Crypto Revolution: Join, or Get Swept Away. (Stansberry)

Lessons from 100+ Years of Global Stock Returns (EP.166) (Rational Reminder)

Meb Faber: ‘To Be a Good Investor, You Have to Be a Good Loser’ (The Long View)

China’s Western Horizon: Beijing and the New Geopolitics of Eurasia | Daniel Markey (Hidden Forces)

Ep 100: Hamish Douglass – The behaviours of great investors (Inside The Rope)

333- Invest in What You Love! (InvestED)

Robert Hormats on the Art of Business and Diplomacy (Podcast) (MIB)

This week’s Buffett Indicator:

Strongly Overvalued.

This week’s best investing research:

Young Aristocrats (September 2021) (AllStarCharts)

Bad Math in the Investment Industry (AllAboutAlpha)

Perpetual Debt Is Already Here (CFA)

At the Edges of Tail Risk (PAL)

The sobering world of future returns (DSGMV)

The New Extended “W” Reality (MacroTourist)

This week’s best investing tweet:

This week’s best investing graphic:

Mapped: The World’s Fastest Growing eCommerce Markets (Visual Capitalist)

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