This Week’s Best Value Investing News, Research, Podcasts 6/25/2021

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This week’s best investing news:

Inner Game with Steven Cohen (Stray Reflections)

Gundlach Predicts Inflation Nearing 5% (Validea)

Doctor Copper (Verdad)

Warren Buffett Filing Indicates Berkshire Hathaway Bought Back $6 Billion of Stock in 2nd Quarter (Barron’s)

Virtual Value Investing Q&A Speaker Series Event at Brown University with Howard Marks (VI Q&A)

Non-Verbal Narrative (Epsilon Theory)

Bill Ackman Talks SPACS, Domino’s, Inflation, Crypto (WSJ)

Layers of Conviction (Neckar)

Customer-Based Valuation (Tanay)

Pershing-Square-Tontine-Holdings-Transaction-Overview (PSTontine)

Warren Buffett’s deputy has scored a 300% gain on Dillard’s in 9 months (Markets Insider)

Marc Rubinstein on Disruption in the Money Transfer Business (MOI)

Wall Street Reading List (WSRL)

How Companies Create Value for Shareholders (Part 1) (VVI)

Stanley Druckenmiller on the $ (Forex FT)

Win Murray Presentation: U.S. Value: Ben Graham VIII Annual Conference (CFA)

Banks: As simple as possible (Hosking)

Fun with Leverage! (Barry Ritholz)

A Reluctant Optimist (Scott Galloway)

The Fall of the Goldman Sachs Trading Corp. (Novel)

Ken Fisher Discusses Whether Stocks Are More Volatile Today Than Ever Before (Fisher)

Pandemic Progress (Stratechery)

Dalio and Summers Debate Inflation (GMM)

Virtual Value Investing Q&A Speaker Series Event at Brown University with Charles Bobrinskoy (VI Q&A)

The Precautionary Principle: Better Safe than Sorry? (Farnam Street)

Investing Patterns (BVI)

Meme Investing…The Fundamentals Are Coming (Howard Lindzon)

The Three Body Problem (Brian Langis)

How do companies go public? An overview of the TSX listing process (CVI)

What We’re Reading (Collaborative Fund)

All Active Fund Managers Should Run Systematic Replicas of Their Portfolios (Behavioural Investment)

Demographics is not destiny (Klement)

Who Let The Hawks Out? (Brinker)

Five Best Books for Finding Big Winners (Woodlock)

This week’s best value Investing news:

Value investing’s five principles that have stood the test of time (Robeco)

Value Investing Vs. Value Rotation (Validea)

Don’t Call the Value Rally Dead Just Yet. Here’s Why. (Barron’s)

Has size contributed to value’s recent revival? (EB Investor)

This week’s Fear & Greed Index:


This week’s best investing podcasts:

TIP355: Why Facebook Is A Value Stock w/ Bill Nygren & Mike Nicolas (TIP)

Robert Cialdini on the Psychology of Influence (MIB)

Howard Marks – Embracing the Psychology of Investing (Invest Like The Best)

The Tiger Cub Investing in Technologies Driving the Future of Agriculture (Real Vision)

Curmudgeon on Cryptocurrency – Ep 130 (Intellectual Investor)

Mario Gabelli – A Legedary Value Investor (Radiate)

Economic Recovery: Massive Problems Ahead [2021] (WealthTrack)

Episode #322: Radio Show: Inflation or Deflation?…Foreign Stocks….Value and Momentum (Meb Faber)

Ep. 180 – Understanding the Value of a Trade with Jeff Moore (Planet MicroCap)

Rob Arnott on Inflation, Bubbles and the Future of Value Investing (Excess Returns)

EP 316. Judging Moats: Customer Behavior (Focused Compounding)

Wells Fargo’s Heather Hunt-Ruddy on Making Good Advisors Great (Barron’s)

Julian Brigden On The Fed’s ‘Impossible Trinity’ (Felder)

Private Equity Masters: John Toomey – HarbourVest Partners (Capital Allocators)

CMQ Podcast: Jeff Bezos & The Power of Long-Term Thinking | Episode #15 (CMQ)

Mental Immunity & the Search for a Better Way to Think | Andy Norman (Hidden Forces)

This week’s Buffett Indicator:

Strongly Overvalued.

This week’s best investing research:

The Stock Buybacks Are Coming (UPFINA)

Factors Timing is a Difficult Practice (AlphaArchitect)

And Survey Says: No Bears. (AllStarCharts)

What About Beta? (AllAboutAlpha)

Green Carrots and Sticks: Incentivizing Climate Solutions (CFA)

Housing starts – look at the shortfall from the pandemic, a lot of catch-up (DSGMV)

Mean-Reversion Strategy For Trading Dow 30 Stocks (PAL)

This week’s best investing tweet:

This week’s best investing graphic:

Timeline: 150 Years of U.S. National Debt (Visual Capitalist)

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