This Week’s Best Investing Articles, Research, Podcasts 6/26/2020

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Here’s a list of this week’s best investing reads:

Why You Feel At Home In A Crisis (Farnam Street)

Never The Same (Collaborative Fund)

The Air Conditioning Effect (A Wealth of Common Sense)

A Viral Market Update X: A Corporate Life Cycle Perspective (Aswath Damodaran)

Pzena Investment Management: Global Banks – Resilience in the Face of Crisis (Pzena)

The Biggest Disconnect Between Prices And Profits In Stock Market History? (Felder Report)

Will the Dollar Crash? (The Irrelevant Investor)

You can’t undrop the bomb (The Reformed Broker)

How Robinhood Generates Revenue (Howard Lindzon)

Top ten most overrated hedge fund managers. Do these guys deserve their halos? (WhaleWisdom)

Is Buffett Over-Hyped? (csinvesting)

A Quick Survey of “Broken” Asset Classes (Research Affiliates)

Where There is Room to Run (Verdad)

Buffett Missed Out on Crisis, Revealing Berkshire’s Big Weakness (Bloomberg)

How to Lose a Billion Dollars Without Really Trying (Institutional Investor)

What is Permissible (Epsilon Theory)

Rubbish Rallies (Jamie Catherwood)

‘Nothing but a worry’: German group scraps deep value fund (CityWire)

When to Buy Stocks Directly (Morningstar)

Nifty FAANG and Other “One Decision” Investment Strategies (Vitaliy Katsenelson)

Prospering in the pandemic: the corporate losers (FT)

iAddiction (Scott Galloway)

Investing and the Art of Wait (Safal Niveshak)

The Millennial Investor (American Consequences)

Valuations In The 98th Percentile (UPFINA)

Void Left by Dearth of Buybacks Filled by Robinhood Traders (Validea)

The Genius Of Not Knowing (KruegerCatalano)

Dave Portnoy, Financial Media Sensationalism and Why Some Random Traders Outperform the Market (PAL)

How the .400 Batting Average in Baseball Explains Soros’ and Buffett’s Fading Returns (Investment U)

How to find quality companies producing consistent and sustainable growth (UK Value Investor)

NYT Is Threatening My Safety By Revealing My Real Name, So I Am Deleting The Blog (Slate Star Codex)

How to Overcome Your Fear of Making Mistakes (HBR)

How Well Has Socially Responsible Investing Performed? (Schwab)

Won’t Be Touching My Gold (MacroTourist)

The Secret Sauce in the System (Novel Investor)

When The Bubble Bursts (Barel Karsan)

Pershing Square’s new SPAC (Whitney Tilson)

4 Ways to Avoid Companies Making Dividend Cuts (Sure Dividend)

How much will you lose if bond prices fall? (And what if they rise?) (Monevator)

Activism, Financials and Why IPOs Suck (Macro Ops)

The rise and rise of private markets (Real Returns)

No Longer Superheroes? Twilight of the Bonds (CFA Institute)

The Problem With The 60/40 Portfolio (BVI)

Olaf Scholz – the German Finance Minister is delusional (Bronte)

Financial Stability at Risk: Déjà Vu 2007 (Frank K Martin)

Universal Basic Income – An Idea Whose Time Has Come? (Financial Bodyguard)

Is the stock market over-inflated? (EB Investor)

3 Fundamental Elements of Portfolio Management (The Dividend Guy)

The first $100,000 is the hardest (Dividend Growth Investor)

Three Things I Think I Think – Market Bonanza! (Prag Cap)

Market Begins To Internalize Reality (GMM)

Don’t fight the Fed. And, maybe the Federal Government too (Brinker)

Investing in Runway (Andreessen Horowitz)

A quick thought on Wirecard (Bruce Packard)

Ready For The Re-Bal??? (AdventuresInCapitalism)

This week’s best value investing reads:

Berkshire Hathaway Is Now a Deep Value Stock (GuruFocus)

Don’t Miss the Rise of the “Value” Phoenix (Advisor Perspectives)

Value and growth investments gap at 25-year high (FT)

What if the dotcom boom and bust hadn’t happened? (Economist)

Switch to the value factor strategy – Case analysis provides encouraging evidence (DSGMV)

This week’s best investing research reads:

Option-Based Trend Following (Flirting With Models)

Order Flow Correlation May Imply Momentum Factor Crowding (Alpha Architect)

Wirecard Shorts up $2.2 Billion in MTM Profits (Shortsight)

Growth And Momentum Equity Factors Still Posting Gains For 2020 (Capital Spectator)

Are Tech Stocks Immune to Recession? (Compound Advisors)

Variance Risk Premium: What Premium? (AllAboutAlpha)

Bank Stocks On Breakdown Watch (All Star Charts)

This week’s best investing podcasts:

VALUE: After Hours (S02 E25): Dark Matter, Treacherous Markets, Bill’s Robinhood Statement (Acquirers Podcast)

TIP302: Investing During COVID-19 & Intrinsic Value Assessment of Intuitive Surgical w/ Arif Karim (TIP)

Inflation Ahead (Animal Spirits)

# 86 BJ Fogg: Create Lasting Change (Knowledge Project)

The End Game Ep. 2 – The Lord Of The Dark Matter (Grant Williams)

Ep. 127 – Understanding Risk, Conservative Investing and Appreciating the Downside with Lawrence Hamtil (Planet MicroCap)

Jeremy Siegel on the Stock Market Under Covid-19 (MIB)

Episode #231: Julian Klymochko, Accelerate Financial Technologies  (Meb Faber)

Protecting Young Investors as They Learn the Markets (The Compound)

Brad Gerstner – Public and Private Investing (Invest Like the Best)

Reduce Your Risk to Enhance Returns (Stansberry)

Sustainable Investing 6: Richard Lawrence – ESG Integration at Overlook (Capital Allocators)

Noodling on Ensembles, Trend, & Convexity with Newfound’s Corey Hoffstein (RCM)

Prolific and prophetic (Grant’s)

Life Has Changed & “Homebody” Investments Will Flourish (WealthTrack)

Bitter Truths of Stock Valuation (Safal Niveshak)

Adam Townsend: Wall Street, Policy, and Wealth Generation (EP.13) (Infinite Loops)

Boyar’s Presentation from The 2020 Contrarian Investment Conference (Boyar)

Is the market recovery driven by Robinhood & Robots? With Kevin Muir (Nucleus)

This week’s best investing graphic:

This Chart Shows Over 100 Years of Gold and Silver Prices (Howmuch)

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