If You Own A Great Stock, But The Price Isn’t Going Up, Hang On!

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Great article from Ian Cassel at MicroCapClub who discusses the age old problem of owning a stock that just won’t go up even though you know it’s a great business.

Here’s an excerpt from that article:

If you knew a stock you owned today wasn’t going to go up for the next 12 months, would you still own it today?

During periods of stock price consolidation and volatility an investor is forced to dig deep, form conviction, and really understand the business. If the business continues to perform, this conviction will come in handy when the stock ultimately ascends. Many financial professionals love to point to “luck” or “naivety” on how someone could actually hold something that goes up 5-10-20-50x or more. It’s easier for them to rationalize that someone was just lucky or too dumb to know any better to sell earlier. Yes, there are certainly those that fall into this camp, but there is an equal or greater portion of successful investors that hold on because they know what they own.

You can read the entire article here.

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