This Week’s 10 Big Named Companies Near 52 Week Lows

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Over the past twelve months a number of big named companies have been near or below their 52 week low price. Each week we’ll take a look at some of the biggest names currently close to their 52 week lows:

Symbol Name Price $ 52 Week Low $
AAPL Apple Inc 135.45 129.04
AMZN Inc 86.77 84.33
TSLA Tesla Inc 137.57 135.89
DIS The Walt Disney Co 86.92 85.41
CRM Salesforce Inc 130.3 126.60
MDT Medtronic PLC 77.16 75.77
PYPL PayPal Holdings Inc 69.21 67.58
TGT Target Corp 142.3 137.16
CME CME Group Inc 172.87 166.58
TFC Truist Financial Corp 41.75 40.01

Here’s what they look like in one chart:

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