John Malone: Market In A Bubble Like The Late 90’s. This Is A Land Rush!

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In his latest interview with CNBC, John Malone says the market is in a bubble like the late 90’s, this is a land rush! Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Every investor has a different time horizon, a different perspective. To me I’ve always been a long-term investor and so I’m much more interested in building this business brick by brick, making it solid and sticky, and how can you grow it, and how can you grow pricing power, and how can you defend the franchises that you’re building. It’s that kind of a thing. It’s too early, I really think it’s too early to assess.

The market is obviously putting huge market valuations on Netflix and frankly Netflix relative to Disney, and you know I mean hell there’s a car company that I guess is just going public that has a $130 Billion dollar market cap and hasn’t built a car yet…

There’s no question that the equity markets right now are so interested in growth above all other criteria and this is like the bubble in the late 90’s up to through 2000. It’s all about growth. This is a land rush!

You can watch the full interview here:

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