Mark Leonard: From Bouncer And Grave Digger To Investing Guru

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In this rare interview on The Harris Podcast, CSI boss Mark Leonard discusses his life before CSI and some of the jobs he did which including masonry, bouncing, and grave digging. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Host: Shifting over to work experiences. So I think you shared with us some of the masonry work you did and sort of what you found from that. Now I read this somewhere, and again I can’t remember honestly where I read it but, it also said that you had two other what appear to be quite interesting jobs, or things that you did. One being a grave digger and one being a bouncer. Is this true?

Leonard: Uh yep!

Host: Okay and then any elaboration on digging graves or being a bouncer or perhaps maybe how they’ve helped you see things differently today.

Leonard: Not really. I mean along the way I was a municipal worker too, you know doing work in parks and painting fences and cutting weeds and all that other stuff. I worked in a warehouse and I was a draftsman and I was a turnkey at a couple of major buildings. I was a clerk at Canadian tire. I was in the reserve and I moved furniture at night because that’s when office moves tend to happen. I did research on windmills.

You kind of do what you need to do to survive and you move on and often that time isn’t well spent but it’s something you don’t have a choice about. You need the money and you do like you said what you need to do. But at the same time I think then if you’re putting yourself through school or learning a particular skill, which you eventually become good at, you prize that more highly because of the journey, because of the things that you had to do to get there and I certainly sort of feel that way.

You can listen to the entire interview here:

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