This Week’s Best Value Investing News, Research, Podcasts 12/31/2020 (Seasons Greetings!!!)

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Here’s a list of this week’s best investing news:

A Historic Year (Jamie Catherwood)

Bill Ackman Has Had Another Blockbuster Year. His Fund Is Still Cheap (Barron’s)

Charlie Munger on disruption and technology (Morningstar)

Cathie Wood Sees 20% Returns After ‘Unbelievable’ 2020 (ARK)

Dalio Sees Soaring Asset Prices and ‘Flood of Money’ (Validea)

The Manual of Ideas – Winter 2021 Edition (MOI Global)

10 Attributes Of Great Investors (UPFINA)

GMO Has a Plan to Profit From a Growth Stock Bubble (Institutional Investor)

Ten Tips for 2021 (Humble Dollar)

Shopify, SPACs and Status, Part Two: with Jim O’Shaughnessy (Alex Danco)

A Disturbance in the Force (Epsilon Theory)

Exclusive: Hedge fund Third Point urges Intel to explore deal options (Reuters)

Warren Buffett: Bitcoin Has No Value (GuruFocus)

21 Predictions for 2021 (Whitney Tilson)

Intelligent Cloning Winter 2021 Edition (The Value Firm)

The Best of The The Knowledge Project 2020 (Farnam Street)

Are SaaS Businesses the New Safeties? (Polen)

The End of Accounting? Sustaining Financial Reporting (CFA Institute)

20 Rules for Markets and Investing – 2020 Edition (Compound Advisors)

How to Save Money with Tax-Gain Harvesting (Schwab)

Limits to arbitrage – Rules and structure explain pricing anomalies (DSGMV)

Keeping Investing Fees Low Matters (DGI)

More 2021 Predictions ….Is SnowFlake Overvalued? (Howard Lindzon)

How to build a concentrated portfolio of quality shares (UK Value)

Analysts react to incentives, too (Klement)

The value of a second opinion (TEBI)

2021 Predictions & Person of the Year (Scott Galloway)

Ensemble Capital’s Winter 2020 Investment and Market Update (Ensemble Capital)

This week’s best value investing news:


Value Investing 101: Raamdeo Agrawal’s 25 gurumantras to pick wealth creators (Economic Times)

The Beginning of the Great Rotation to Value? (Pzena)

Quality at a Discount (Weitz)

Value Stocks’ Recent Rally Might Not Last Much Longer (Barron’s)

The Scottish Investment Trust’s Alasdair McKinnon: ‘Value investing will never die’ (Investors Chronicle)

Value stocks shine amid recent market rebound: SGX (Business Times)

Why the Future Now Looks Brighter for Value Investing (NASDAQ)

This week’s Fear & Greed Index is reading:

This week’s best investing research:

The 2021 Annual Finance Research Geek Fest: Top 5 Most Interesting Papers (Alpha Architect)

Why STOs are Not ICOs (All About Alpha)

Research Compendium 2020 (Factor Research)

The Top Internet Stocks Were Disasters (UPFINA)

This week’s best investing podcasts/videos:

TIP329: Value Investing with John Huber, Tobias Carlisle, and Wes Gray (TIP)

Episode #276: Craig Wichner, Farmland LP, “There’s $2.7T Worth Of Farmland In The U.S…And That’s The Same Economic Value As All The Apartment Buildings In The U.S Or All The Office Buildings In The U.S.” (Meb Faber)

[REPLAY] Dan Rasmussen – Private Equity Risk and Public Equity Opportunity at Verdad Advisers (First Meeting, EP.15) (Capital Allocators)

Introduction to Valuation class (Short) (Aswath Damodaran)

Wholesale Transfer Pricing $NFLX $SPOT $FUBO | Expectations for 2021 (Intelligent Investing)

Ep. 154 – Roku Thesis, Betting on Kambi with Elliot Turner, RGA Investment Advisors (Planet MicroCap)

The Conviction to Hold with Paul Andreola, Founder and Editor of Small Cap Discoveries (Market Trenches)

Value Investing and Specialization with Bruce Greenwald (MultiGreen)

Tracy Graham – Investing in Overlooked Businesses (Invest Like the Best)

Jeremy Grantham’s Big Calls: EM, Venture Capital, & the Green Revolution (Real Vision)

297- Quick Question: Is Cash Okay? (InvestED)

The Newest Addition to the S&P 500 (Morningstar)

 Ep. 03 Larry Swedroe on Active vs. Passive Investing (Investing with Kurt)

This week’s best investing graphic:

Visual Capitalist’s Top 20 Visualizations of 2020 (Visual Capitalist)

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