This Week’s Best Value Investing News, Research, Podcasts 12/11/2020

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Here’s a list of this week’s best investing news:

Billionaires Build (Paul Graham)

Forecasting Bond Upgrades and Downgrades (Verdad)

The Great Dispersion (Scott Galloway)

A Few Things I’m Pretty Sure About (Collaborative Fund)

Lockdowns, Innovation, and Businesses (Jamie Catherwood)

You’re Only As Good As Your Worst Day (Farnam Street)

Warren Buffett: Rare speech from Omaha Press Club 1992 (Compounding Knowledge)

OSAM: Custom Indexing: The Next Evolution of Index Investing (OSAM)

Famed investor Jeremy Grantham accidentally made $200M (CNBC)

Liquidity Cascades (Newfound Research)

Luck, Skill and Their Role in Passive Fund Returns (Larry Swedroe)

Terry Smith: Fund Insiders Forum De Tijd & L’Echo: Quality vs Value (De Tijd)

Excellent Christopher Bloomstran Twitter thread on TSLA (Twitter)

A Conversation with Charles T. Munger (CERT ’44, CAVU) (Caltech)

I Started Trading Hot Stocks on Robinhood. Then I Couldn’t Stop. (WSJ)

The Essex Boys: How Nine Traders Hit a Gusher With Negative Oil (Bloomberg)

Pzena: Catalyst for Change: Disruption (Pzena)

Mario Gabelli at CNBC FA Summit (10.20.2020) (CNBC)

Royce Investment Partners Commentary: 3 Questions With Steven McBoyle (Royce)

GMO: Q3 2020 Quarterly Letter (GMO)

Jeffrey Gundlach — Waiting For The Next Big Trade (w/ Raoul Pal) (Real Vision)

First Eagle: Distinguishing Value from Valuation (First Eagle)

The End of the Facebook Crime Spree (BIG)

The Business of Benchmarking (Net Interest)

The Bezos Letters (Tanay’s Newsletter)

A Tale of Bubbles Past (Woodlock House)

10 (More) Questions ESG Investors Must Consider (Behavioural Investment)

Virtuous Circle – How to Make Flying Cars (Brian Langis)

Tesla and the S&P 500: What Could Have Been? (CFA Institute)

Some Small Hedge Funds Reap Big Gains in Tough Times (Whitney Tilson)

An Old Joke (Epsilon Theory)

Welcome To Paradise?…What Is Going On With IPO’s SPACs and Direct Listings? (Howard Lindzon)

Better Than Nothing (Humble Dollar)

Common Investing Mistakes of the Early 1900s and How to Fix Them (Novel Investor)

The Psychology of the Stock Market, in One Image (Prag Cap)

The 42nd Lesson (Safal Niveshak)

Finding Investing Lessons in 2020 Election Fails (Barry Ritholz)

One For The Ages, Part Deux (Felder Report)

What Defines a Wonderful Business? (VVI)

Weekly Earnings Reports 12.07.20 (The Transcript)

This week’s best value investing news:

Signs are aligned for rally in value stocks, say fundies (AFR)

Why Value Investing Is Like Buying a House (Yahoo)

Value: If Not Now, When? (Advisor Perspectives)

Value Investing: Waiting For The Inevitable (Edison Group)

Value Investing isn’t dead – the meaning of Value has changed (Uncommon Cents)

This week’s best investing research:

Michael Mauboussin: Why Companies Die (AM)

Buying Quality: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? (Alpha Architect)

Forecasters give good commentary; they just don’t predict well. Follow the trend (DSGMV)

Major Misconceptions About Backtesting (PAL)

Tech Bubble Part Two Or Five: “I Told You So” (UPFINA)

This week’s best investing podcasts:

Ep. 20: Lessons from the 1930s | Slow Hunches in Business and Investing (MOI)

#98 Sahil Lavingia: Observing the Present (Knowledge Project)

Bob Iger – Executive Chairman of The Walt Disney Company (Coffee with The Greats)

Danny Meyer – The Power of Hospitality (Invest Like the Best)

Ten Amazing Facts On Tesla As It Zooms Into The S&P 500 (Validea)

TIP326: Intrinsic Value of Lumen with Ben Claremon and Eugene Robin (TIP)

Episode #270: Terri Spath, Sierra Investment Management (Meb Faber)

Giving Credit: Emerging Markets Banks (Pzena)

Jerry Seinfeld – A Comedy Legend’s Systems, Routines, and Methods for Success (#485) (Tim Ferris)

Secrets of the Market Wizards with Jack Schwager (Stansberry)

Chamath Palihapitiya – The Social Capital Flywheel (Capital Allocators)

This week’s best investing graphic:

5 Drivers Behind the Sustainable Investing Shift (Visual Capitalist)

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