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As part of the weekly research here at The Acquirer’s Multiple we’re always interested in superinvestors who hold the same stocks that appear in our Acquirer’s Multiple Stock Screeners, based on their latest 13F’s. Investors such as Warren Buffett, Joel Greenblatt, Carl Icahn, Jim Simons, Prem Watsa, Jeremy Grantham, Seth Klarman, Ray Dalio, and Howard Marks.

While doing this research we’ve also uncovered a number of stocks that superinvestors have bought, or added more to their portfolios, according to their latest 13f’s. So we’re now providing a new weekly feature article called ‘One Stock Superinvestors Are Buying‘. This week we’ll take a look at:

T-Mobile Us Inc (NASDAQ: TMUS)

Deutsche Telekom merged its T-Mobile USA unit with prepaid specialist MetroPCS in 2013, creating T-Mobile US. Following the merger, the firm provided nationwide service in major markets but spottier coverage elsewhere. T-Mobile has spent aggressively on low-frequency spectrum, well suited to broad coverage, and has substantially expanded its geographic footprint. This expansion, coupled with aggressive marketing and innovative offerings, produced rapid customer growth. With the Sprint acquisition, the firm’s scale now roughly matches its larger rivals: T-Mobile now serves 65 million postpaid and 21 million prepaid phone customers, equal to nearly 30% of the retail wireless market. In addition, the firm provides wholesale service to resellers like Tracfone.

A quick look at the price chart below for T-Mobile shows us that the stock is up 40% in the past twelve months.

(Source: Morningstar)

Superinvestors who bought, or added more T-Mobile stock to their portfolios include:

Ken Griffin – 6,779,930 shares

David Tepper – 5,900,000 shares

Jim Simons – 5,175,106 shares

Andreas Halvorsen – 3,799,550 shares

Stanley Druckenmiller – 1,571,324 shares

George Soros – 1,454,600 shares

Cliff Asness – 1,091,877 shares

Steve Cohen – 754,616 shares

Beeneet Kothari – 411,765 shares

Israel Englander – 264,062 shares

Joel Greenblatt – 54,908 shares

Jim O’Shaughnessy – 32,213 shares

Ken Fisher – 3,385 shares

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