Recognizing The True Threat Of Coronavirus Before Most

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During his recent interview with Tobias, Dr Ben Hunt from Epsilon Theory discussed his recognition of the true threat of Coronairus before most. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Tobias Carlisle:
I like to follow the conspiracy theorist. It’s like that scene in men in black, when he says, he likes to go and read the truth and he picks up the national Inquirer. I know you’re going to be wrong in a lot of things, but I just want to see an alternative point of view, so I can make up my own mind about what messages are being shoved down our throats. And I think, to give you credit for this, you were way ahead on coronavirus and the risks of that. And I think it was you and Chris Cole and a few other guys that alerted me early enough. So, we were well and truly prepared, as prepared as we could possibly be. So, how did that come to your attention and how did you recognize so early on, the risks and the threat there?

Dr Ben Hunt:
So, it was really from a Reddit thread, I still don’t know who it was, he was talking about, okay, here are the confirmed cases, the caseload numbers that are coming out of China. And there were a lot of mistakes in that original data, right? Let’s, figure out the R-squared of this, just stuff that doesn’t mean anything, but the central insight was exactly correct. And that central insight was, these numbers can’t be right. This is not how a disease works. Right. And if it’s not right, well, why wouldn’t it be right? And the answer, and this is, again, this has been my professional careers, trying to understand numbers and statistics, and then understand why governments have this vested interest in making up their own story to explain something.

Dr Ben Hunt:
And in the case of China making up the numbers, that’s the only explanation for the numbers we were getting, was that they were making them up right. Directionally were they correct? Maybe, kind of, sort of, right. Really. Maybe, kind of, sort of. But what was then clear was that, not only was there this concerted effort to downplay the virulence of this disease, for domestic political reasons in China, for bureaucratic reasons with the World Health Organization, for again, domestic political reasons and every other country in the world. But we also had good now analysis pretty early on, again from, doctors sponsored by the World Health Organization to say, no, actually here’s what we’re estimating, the unknown value, the reproduction rate of this virus actually is. Here’s what we’re seeing, in terms of survival when hospitals are functioning well and the doctors aren’t sick.

Dr Ben Hunt:
And here’s what we’re seeing, when hospital systems are overwhelmed. And it was that combination of, I think, again, being very attuned to frankly the lie that China was promoting with its numbers, the lie that was accepted at face value and then promoted by the World Health Organization, the lie that was accepted by the United States and other governments, again, for their own reasons to try to, we don’t want to scare anybody. That’s what got me on it early, and again, it’s one of those periods in time where thinking differently and maintaining some distance between your own mind and the official story, it makes all the difference in the world.

Tobias Carlisle:
I remember, I was in Austin airport and I saw a tweet from somebody with that Reddit thread, where they said, it looks like they’re using some sort of, there’s some sort of underlying formula to generate these numbers. And these numbers are just following this formula, as in they’re just the next day, they’re just running the formula again and it gives them another set of numbers. And then if you look at the behavior, they’ve quarantined this entire city, there’s something much worse that’s actually happening here.

Tobias Carlisle:
And then, everybody should be aware that one of the great threats that the world faces is some sort of a pandemic that we don’t have. Honestly, I thought it was going to be something that we had developed antibiotics for, that had just stopped working. And so, but a flu is an incredibly dangerous virus. And there are lots of precedent for it, killing lots of people in a hundred years ago. And with the Spanish-

Dr Ben Hunt:
It’s the Andromeda strain, all over again. We were just talking about Michael Crichton. Yeah. Here we go, all over again.

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